NHL investigating Hossa's deal with Blackhawks

Anything else in this crazy off-season? Jesus H. Christ.

The NHL is investigating whether or not the Blackhawks made yet another boo-boo during contract negotiations, this time with prized free agent signing Marian Hossa. Apparently, Hossa and the Blackhawks discussed Hossa retiring before the contract was up in order to ease the Blackahwks’ cap hit.

The Detroit Red Wings gave similar deals to Henrik Zetterberg and Johan Franzen, but their deals don’t get as ridiculous as Hossa’s in the latter years of the deal.

“We’re trying to understand how it was negotitated and whether the intent and effect is to circumvent the cap,” said NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Duffy.

Wow, ya think? Of course it was! Hossa will be making $7 million-plus in the first seven years of the 12-year deal, and it will then trickle all the way down to $750,000 for the final two years. There is no doubt the Blackhawks structured the contract that way in order to ease the team’s cap hit. You don’t need to investigate this.

The NHL has been bitching about these long-term deals for quite some time now. If the Blackhawks and Hossa are found to have negotiated something under the table, they’ll be facing a shitstorm of fines and lost draft picks. I’m still pissed Hossa is going to be out for the first two months of the season, and now this shit comes up.

What’s next?

  • http://fansided.com Zach

    The NHL doesn’t need to pick on its bad teams, hahaha jk

  • http://hoops4thesoul.com Hoops 4 the Soul

    The Blackhawks are falling in line with the rest of Chicago sports management — a bunch of jag bags.

    Let’s call it the John McDonough Effect.

    Like the blog.

  • http://penslabyrinth.com Sergei Feldman

    Wherever Hossa goes, trouble follows, unfortunately.

    • Jeffrey Bartl

      You know, I’m starting to believe that, Sergei. Things are getting out of hand with all this off-season stuff in Chicago. This team has the potential to be the best in my lifetime, but it’s being overshadowed with all of this crap.

  • http://penslabyrinth.com Sergei Feldman

    It really is an unnecessary distraction. You’ve arguably solidified yourselves as the team to beat in the west and now this nonsense. It’s fine if all of that is overshadowed for fans, but, for your sake, hope that it doesn’t reach the locker room.

    Otherwise, wouldn’t it be great to see a Pens v. Hawks final? I think the league would love it. Chicago is the original six franchise that should be talked about, not the Wings.

  • Brock Lesnar

    The NHL figures, “hey, the botched the free agent tender deadline, they probably botched this free-agent signing, let’s look into it”. Are we in russia danny?