Blackhawk Up chats with

The folks over at HockeeNight were gracious enough to ask me on as a guest for their weekly Puckcast to chat about the Blackhawks, greatest mustache-for-mustache trades of all-time and Fork’s new charity adventure featuring Jonathan Toews F-bombs. Enjoy!

WARNING: Adult language — don’t listen near young children. And no, I’m not kidding.

  • Forklift

    Thanks again for coming on. I think Block was getting emails before the ‘cast was even over.

  • Jeffrey Bartl

    Thanks for having me. Looking forward to being on again. As far as Block goes, I haven’t met him, but I already know I don’t want to see him in a thong — even if it is a thong.

  • Forklift

    Block is just a little confused. He’ll be fine.

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