Adam Burish out six months with torn ACL. Great.

Anything else, hockey gods? You assholes.

Chicago Blackhawks forward Adam Burish will miss six months after tearing his ACL during Sunday night’s 3-0 exhibition loss against the Minnesota Wild. And if I run across the asshole that sent Burish into the boards hard enough to rip his ACL in half, I’m going to tar and feather him immediately after I attempt to carefully shave all of his body hair with a high-powered chainsaw.

The ‘Hawks have been lauded for being so deep at forward, and now they have to start the season without both Burish and Marian Hossa. More importantly, one of the best penalty kills in the league now takes a hit with Burish out and the Blackhawks lose a human generator with all the energy he brings just by himself.

Players like Jack Skille and even Troy Brouwer who weren’t guaranteed to make the opening-day roster now see themselves in a position to snag a roster spot.

Granted, this isn’t the end of the world. However, losing a guy like Burish means you lose a lot of things that don’t pop up in a box score. He can piss you off so much you wish he would just kill you so you don’t have to deal with him anymore.

Damnit, I was having a great day, too. Now I want to toss someone out the fucking window. After the Off-Season from Hell, now this. Thanks, hockey gods.

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  • Frank

    From a heart and soul view this hurts. He was also one of the better shot blocking forwards on the team. One of the youngsters is going to have to step up!

    Also, who is Sharpie going to room with now?

    Thank goodness the Hawks are deep at forward.

  • Erin

    After I got over my broken heart and the trauma of no Adam on the ice for 6 months and my lonely jersey my exact thought was who Sharpie was going to room with and who would make videos for the website.

    Hopefully Adam is back March 1 like he’s shooting for.

  • kevin whalen

    Take it easy man, you guys have enough talent for two teams over there in Chi-Town.

  • Frankie J

    He will make up for the months missed in post season by scoring his standard 6 goals and 10 assists for an entire season…..right? Seriously though, tough loss, he is one of the hardest working players out there. At least his knee cap didnt explode again.

  • David Swartzlander

    Kyle Beach will fill that role.

    Also Jeff, off season from hell??? At least you didn’t lose game 7 of the Finals to the dbag twins….

  • Jon orlak

    His presence on and off the ice will be missed. He was a key contributor to the penalty kill. He was always willing to go down and block shots.