He’d have to be Superman to do that, Lois.

It’s pretty amazing to know that — barring ridiculous setbacks and unforeseen player movement — the Blackhawks will have Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews and Marian Hossa playing together for at least the next five-plus seasons. In honor of these ridiculously talented superstars, here is their highlight reel of 2009 to date.

  • How in living hell Kaner snuck this past Backstrom is behind me. He had the diameter of an asshole to fit the puck through:

  • Toews seems to have one of these goals every season, but the way he’s been playing and the puck control and vision he possesses makes me believe there’s a lot more like this to come:

  • Hossa the magician:

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  • http://a-little-chippy.blogspot.com/ KofC

    I was there for the Kane and Hossa ones, and while at least those weren’t goals I missed while reading a program or getting fries, I can’t say I clearly saw what happened either. It’s sad how much someone can miss till they get home and watch highlights, but it’s still exciting to be at the UC no matter what…

  • http://MileHighSticking Jake Bennett

    Stupid question. How do I imbed videos for my site? I tried copy and paste the imbed segment on the youtube videos, but it’s not working.
    Jake Bennett

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