Live appearance on Fox News Channel

I will be appearing live tomorrow morning, March 12 on “Fox and Friends,” the daily morning TV show airing on Fox News Channel. The spot will be broadcast nationally with the show beginning at 5 a.m. CST. Yes, it’s extremely early so set your DVR and tune in later!

I will be debating the National Anthem tradition at the United Center before each Blackhawks game with Rob Otto of Otto feels the tradition is disrespectful. I say it’s a patriotic tradition.

Otto’s original post and my response have garnered surprising attention. I’ve spoken with Otto, and we’re both looking forward to a good debate.

Tune in if you can and let me know how I did!

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  • Jim N

    As a Veteran of the US Marine Corps, nothing…and I mean NOTHING…creates goosebumps for me faster than being a part of the home crowd at the United Center when Jim belts out our National Anthem. I don’t take the ear-splitting roar throughout the entire rendition as a sign of disrespect by the fans; on the contrary I see it as one of honor, support, pride, love, and immense respect. Their powerful, emphatic display puts a huge smile on my face and leaves me speechless every time I experience it. The crowd’s reaction during the National Anthem at the United Center is many things, but disrespectful isn’t one of them.

  • Patrick

    Kick his ass, Bartl. Do us all proud. Post some video…

  • Patrick

    One more thing, Sam over at SCH had some pretty good points too. Best of luck…

    • Adam

      Way to represent, Jeff!

  • Earlie Ryba

    Thank you for this greatpost.