Video: Fox News Channel appearance

It’s not as long as I would have hoped, and there is a lot more I wanted to say — and I’m sure Rob feels the same as I do — but here is the video of the appearance. I’ll write more on the mini debate later, but here’s the video for now.

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  • Andrew

    Nice job. Its tough when the host misrepresents the events in the first place and you’re right, there are a lot more points that could have been brought up. But overall, I think you did a damn good job.

  • Eric C

    Nice Job man! What a bunch of bull that is to say Blackhawks fans are dishonoring America by cheering like that. I’ll be honest, being a newer Hawks fan; It caught me a little off guard the first time I went to a Hawks game and heard this…but I did not feel like this was insulting to the country in any way.

    Talk during the singing of the anthem, in a way that you’re ignoring the anthem itself, is disrespectful. But cheering it on and rooting for it as it’s sung is something completely different.

  • ArlingtonRob

    Hey Jeff,

    It’s unbelievable the mileage this subject has gotten in the past week. Cheering the anthem has been going on for more than 2 decades and people are just noticing?!?! And Fox and Friends?… have you received any death threats from right wing loons as of yet? To suggest that cheering the anthem, and our flag is disrespectful is an insult to the millions of fans who have attended Hawks games over the years. Otto should stick to the Detroit scene and root quietly for his merry band of Swedes, Finns and Russians…now that’s patriotic. Oh, and I just luv his referral to his fathers service in the Coast Guard (and his lack of service). Personally, my dad fought the nazi’s with Patton and I at least got off my ass to serve 4 years of Cold War duty in the Air Force. Truth be told, I was never a big fan of the anthem cheering, but I never once found it offensive. But I must admit, now that it’s controversial I feel the urge to attend a game and go a little nuts.

    Keep up the good work and go Hawks!

    Rob in Arlington Hts.

  • Frank Rekas

    Great job Jeff. Too bad Fox News also seemed to share Ott’s view. Going Nuts? Are you kidding me?
    Alot of mileage over a jealous Red Wing fan.
    Glad that you mentioned it’s been going on for 25 years. Why hasn’t this clown written about this before?


  • Zach

    Great job Jeff! Outstanding job and I think you won the this handicap match.

    I thought my favorite sports team would be more of controversy with the people at Arrowhead saying the “Home of the Chiefs” instead of Brave. I find that way more disrespectful than people cheering on the national anthem and flag. I also agree that I find people talking during or ignoring the national anthem way more disrespectful.

    This is just a typical FOX news broadcast of making something out of nothing.

  • Dude

    Good work, even though they did not give you a lot of time to talk. Otto is a low life looking for attention, and shame on Fox News for not doing more research on the subject. Why don’t they show the 1991 ASG Anthem or the crowd saluting the troops during the game?

    Anyways, there is nothing unpatriotic about this Hawks tradition. If anything, it is extreme patriotic. It is a sporting event, not a Federal or military event. In the latter, you stay silent. In the former, why not cheer? It is an informal event, so cheering is a sign of support not disrespect.

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