From the heart: Blackhawks bring Stanley Cup back to Chicago

Game 4, 1992 Stanley Cup Final.  Mario Lemieux  saw a 10-year-old boy pressed along the glass during the pre-game skate. Lemieux snatch a puck from the ice, lofted it over the glass into the boy’s tiny hands, winked and skated away.

That boy was me, and since that day my passion for hockey never died. When I saw Lemieux circling the Chicago Stadium ice with the Stanley Cup later that night, I hoped one day I would witness a Blackhawk doing the exact same thing.

Never let anyone tell you dreams don’t come true.

The rough stretches, the questionable trades which ran heroes out of town too soon, the edge of the cliff on which the franchise teetered for years, money invested, time spent, heart-shattering losses, watching the hated Red Wings win four Cups … it was all worth it. It will always be worth it. June 9, 2010 is a day only death can take away from me.

People wonder how I can talk this way about a team, a game. “There are more important things in life than sports,” they say, all while updating their Facebook status and planning their entire night around an episode of Jersey Shore. “How can you be so emotional over that stuff?”

With all the uncertainties in life, all the emotions spent on everyday events and questioning of the decisions you make day-to-day, hour-to-hour, minute-to-minute, it’s always guaranteed your team will begin play on the first day of the season at the same time every year. The players may struggle, may disappoint and you’ll even question your loyalty. But no matter what, you’re always given the option to struggle with them or share in their joy. And when you invest yourself hoping for the opportunity to witness something as amazing as Stanley Cup championship, it’s a feeling you’ll remember for the rest of your life. There’s not many things you can say that about.

Patrick Kane  scoring just over four minutes into overtime erased 49 years of Blackhawks fans feeling the disappointment of watching another team and another city embrace the Stanley Cup. People poured out into the streets, and hundreds of thousands of fans will rally for the parade tomorrow in downtown Chicago.

The waiting is over, the dream has been realized and the memory is ingrained.

And do you know what the best part is? We’re guaranteed to do this all over again next year.

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  • david krejci

    I would have agreed with your entire post last week, or even yesterday. However, Tom Izzo is leaving and Michigan State University Basketball will never be the same. Hope you enjoyed it, because I did.

  • Frank Rekas(

    Jeff: What a game, what a series and what a finish to an incredible season. 1992 was a long time ago, but you and I both know the pain never goes away.
    Now, we can actually forget about that night, 18 years and 1 day ago!

    And yes, it could happen again next year!

  • Zach

    Jeff -

    Congrats from one fan to another, it always feels great when your team wins a championship. You better be going to the parade…

  • david krejci

    Next year? Next year? the big, bad bruins will be going off on the NHL next year. If YA SMELLLLLLLL what the Claude is cookin’!!

  • Andre Dawson

    Jeff, outstanding website. However, can you get this David Krejci tool out of here. I can’t even read it with my oldstyle in my hand and enjoy the cup because of this idiot. THE BRUINS CHOKED DUDE!!! Leave us alone. Congrats, Hawks Fans!!! This was for you.

  • Jeffrey Bartl

    Yeah, David Krejci needs to identify himself because I think I personally know him, seeing as he made a Michigan State reference earlier. Out with it, Krejci!

  • david krejci

    I made a Tom Izzo reference because as I mentioned previously, I enjoy good coaching. Laviolette, Belichick, and Popovich were the names that came to me. Tom Izzo belonged on that list and so I said that today as thats how MSU fans must be feeling. The last coach in my fav 5 would probably be Jim Tressel. I like how he goes about his business. You sound like a Spartan Jeff, sorry Coach Tress’s Buckeyes run wild on your ass every year. Pryor for Heisman!!!

  • Steven Sebastian

    Thanks for Sharing. One of the many diappointments of 1992. Saw some footage of JR after they lost. Brings back many memories. Now if we can just get the Northwestern Wildcats to win a bowl game… my sport fantasies will be complete

  • david krejci

    was JR crying them too? He aint a Bruin!!!!!

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