Award-winning parade shot of Patrick Kane, courtesy of Jeffrey Erikson

Thank you readers, followers and those who merely stop in for a glance

I just wanted to post a quick thank you to those who have consistently come to Blackhawk Up throughout this season to read my passionate ramblings and continuous use of random four-letter words.

When I started Blackhawk Up in July of last year, I never expected the following I would gather and that the growth of the site would happen so quickly. It’s been less than a year I’ve been swearing at you, and all the kind words through comments, emails, Facebook messages and Twitter re-tweets have been absolutely amazing.

All of you made the Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup that much sweeter for one specific reason: I got to share in the experience with all of you. It’s been a wild ride to this point, and there’s so much more to go.

Get on your Hossa, ride into the off-season with a smile on your face and continue to check in to this site through the summer months. I have some big stuff planned, so there won’t be a shortage of content during hockey’s brief summer hiatus.

Once again, thank you to everyone who continues to read Blackhawk Up. You make the time I spend on each and every word I write completely and totally worthwhile. Thank you.

  • david krejci

    I’ll be right here. Right here waiting baby!! When the big, bad Bruins, turn that Stanley Cup (with an asterisk) sideways, and stick it straight up your Candy Ass!!! If YAAAAA SMMEEEELLLL, What the Claude is Cookin’!

    • Dano

      Accually I can still smell your Bruins from there series with Philly!

  • david krejci

    Hey Dano, Accually? there? You must be a Hawks fan or just allergic to literacy. The B’s will be smelling like roses next year. Seriously, going undefeated could happen. In the words of the great KG, “Anything is Possible!!!” (except you making a coherent sentence)

  • Dano

    Davey Davey, The last time your Bruins had a CHANCE of winning the Stanley Cup was 2004-2005!!