Byfuglien, Eager, Sopel traded to Atlanta for picks

Per Jesse Rogers, in the first of what may be many salary cap-related trades, Stan Bowman  sent  Dustin Byfuglien, Brent Sopel  and  Ben Eager  to the Atlanta Thrashers for a first- and second-round pick.

More details later as they come in, along with analysis.

UPDATE:  ‘Hawks receiving the 24th and 54th overall picks in Friday’s draft, plus prospect Jeremy Morin and veteran Marty Reasoner.

ANOTHER UPDATE:  ‘Hawks prospect  Akim Aliu  is included in the deal.

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  • david krejci

    BWAHAHAHAAH! Win a cup and trade key players. Loyalty. The Blackhawks dont have it from their fans, their front office, or their players. The Florida Marlins of the NHL.

    Oh and I hope you ordered the new book, Horton hears a Cup. Its coming to Boston and the big, bad Bruins. If ya smeellllllllll, what the Claude is cookin’!!!

  • Bruins Suck

    At least the Hawks actually won the cup. How did the Bruins do against the Flyers this year? I forgot

    • david krejci

      The “Madhouse” will be empty again in two years, just like it was from 1996-2007, and nobody will even know the Blackhawks exist. When I think of Chicago, I would say the most competent franchise in the city is probably the Fire. Meanwhile, the Bruins will be on duckboats throughout Boston every June. And they will do it for real by playing Sid, Ovie, and perhaps the Detroit Red Wings, who we all know would have smacked the hawks. Have they engraved the asterisk on the cup yet???? Whoooo!

  • Pete

    Piss off david. #1 the hawks will never go back to a fan base as small as when bill wirtz was in charge. #2 we would have gladly played sid, ovie, the wings, and even your beloved bruins HAD THEY MADE IT THAT FAR!!

  • david krejci

    It will be tough to repeat next year playing 5-3 because you cant afford a 4th and 5th skater. Congrats, you bought the cup this year but everyone has moved on and you wont be heard from for twenty more years. Maybe you can bring Bobby Orr back, but that didnt work before either.

    The following message was approved by Tyler Seguin, future hall-of-famer and Stanley Cup Champion for your and my Boston Bruins. The whistles go Wooooooooo!!!

  • joe c

    Haha, Bartl, this Krejci is a riot. And no its not me, but don’t ban him or anything. Keep up the site!!

  • david krejci

    Hey Joe C, Ban Me? Why would you even bring that up? People love the truth. And we all know the truth… the Hawks are frauds who aren’t even going to try to repeat, and the Big Bad Bruins will probably win the next three cups. So why dont you shut your pie hole, drive home, take a left on know-your-role boulevard, turn the truth sideways, and stick it straight up your candy ass….. IF YA SMELLLLLL, what the Cluade is cookin’!!!