Boxing with Hawks/Kings, 10/27/10

Sorry, sorry, sorry for getting this up so late. Tim put together a good recap and I’m having so much sympathy for  Marian Hossa getting hurt that I’m starting to get sick. Without further ado, here’s your “Boxing” from Wednesday night’s Blackhawks 3-1 win against the Los Angeles Kings.

As always, there are two separate images — one for the summary, one for the actual box score. Click on the image to enlarge it.

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  • http://yours Skags

    I like this. I like this boxing, a lot.

    • Jeffrey Bartl

      Thanks, dude. If you have any suggestions, pass ‘em along. We love hearing them.

  • david krejci

    Here’s a suggestion — save your money instead of going to watch the steaming pile that is the Blackhawks!!!! Wooo!!!

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