"Want a little captain in ya? Not you, fatty. "I meant the hottie four rows up." (Chicago Tribune)

Captain’s Log: Sixth straight victorious Boxing with Blackhawks/Flames

My best bud sent me a text during an intermission: “Jonathan Toews is on a drug. It’s called ‘Jonathan Toews.’”

I couldn’t have put it better myself.

The addiction has seem to spread to the Blackhawks, who are playing their best hockey of the season following a 6-4 win against Calgary on Wednesday. The best part? The Flames were just as good. There’s no question the better team won.

Both of Toews’ goals were gorgeous, with the first even more handsome after Patrick Kane hit Patrick Sharp cross-ice, leaving Toews wide open in the crease. The second? Just the captain being the captain.

Marian Hossa capped it with a goal in his fifth straight game.

There was plenty more in between, including a mini-breakdown at the beginning of the third period, but Boxing will do the rest of my talking. Have at it:

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  • rich lindbloom


    Great box! I really liked the scooby Doo box when the Flamers madeit 4-3. You could definitely here the U.C. crowd exclaim, “Rut Row.”

    Your box on Johnson was absolutely perfect. I texted a friend and said Seabs looked like an air craft carrier.

    I think what I like most about the Boxing is you say in 100 words what I try to say in 1,600.

    Worried about the Rest Area box though.

  • http://blackhawkup.com Bartl

    Rich, thanks for the kind words – as always. Crawford looked beat to hell in the third period. He’s played nine straight games and is going to need a break at some point. It’ll be interesting to see when Q decides that is going to happen. Do you rest the guy who just keeps winning for you? Or do you throw Turco in net for a night to save Crow for the stretch run? We’ll see, I guess….

  • rich lindbloom


    i didn’t notice that about Crawford until you brought it up – good observation. and let’s not forget, Turks is a little bit better than average himself.

    it seems to me we’ve really tightened up the area around our crease defensively, (Please don’t bring up Tanguays and Iginla’s goal – they were aberrations), during this win streak.

    I played a lot more basketball than hockey but always hated it when my man scored on me. defense wins games – so does the drug that is # 19. I loved it when he checked the glass after his second tally – so JT.

    “You got a problem with 7?”

  • Chicago Irish

    I know Craw needs a rest, but don’t EVER ‘F’ with a winning streak!!! Ride Craw until he loses one. It’s not like we have any room for error here. You can’t start sitting him to save him for the playoffs – two bad games in a row and we’re right back to being on the outside looking in. Ride the winning streak for as long as possible and try to gain some separation from the rest.