"With Sharp gone, I can get used to being the most handsome guy on the ice." (Chicago Tribune)

Nine more lives: Boxing with Blackhawks/Panthers

It wasn’t exactly the entertainment I was accustomed to during my five nights in Las Vegas, but I’m not going to complain about two much-needed points.

The Blackhawks welcomed me back home with a 4-0 snoozer I largely blame on the Panthers being, well, bad. With that, the ‘Hawks are now tied for 5th in the West with nine more games which will be much tougher and more exciting than Wednesday’s.

Against Florida, the ‘Hawks got away without needing a Dave Bolland nor a Patrick Sharp nor a 100-percent healthy Brian Campbell. Don’t get used to it with Anaheim, Detroit and Boston looming. Pardon the pessimism, especially knowing each game is a must-win given the standings, but the Blackhawks will need more against those squads.

With that said, the defense played like they should have in a home game against a team looking up at New Jersey and the New York Islanders in the East. Corey Crawford did what he needed to, aside from re-enacting Al Pacino’s scenes from Scent of a Woman each time he touched the puck.

A couple other quick thoughts before Boxing:

→   I was very impressed the way Viktor Stalberg responded to the top line promotion, playing actively and drawing a penalty by taking it hard to the net on the first shift of the game. He later took a feed from Jonathan Toews on the doorstep for a goal in the first minute of the third period. Sweet.

→   Did anyone else have heart failure when Marian Hossa went back to the locker room after taking a spill?

→   For the first time all season, the idiots at the UC who constantly yell “SHOOOOOOOOT” each time a Blackhawk has the puck were right to direct it at Nick Leddy.

→   Not sure what the hell happened to Tomas Vokoun when he went ice fishing along the boards on the Tomas Kopecky goal, but that net couldn’t have been more wide open. Hossa, to Michael Frolik, to Kopecky on a great passing play started by Brent Seabrook, who can’t get credited for an assist unfortunately.

→   Speaking of Seabrook, he played a hell of a game which included the rocket that ended up being the game-winner.

→   Oh, and the Captain did his thing again.

Onto Boxing …

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  • Matt

    Love “boxing,” as always.

    It was Campoli, not Seabrook, who started what Pat called the “Slovak three-way.” beautiful chip up the boards past three Panthers to spring the rush.

  • rich lindbloom

    Graet to have the Boxing back. Tim did an admirable job filling in while you abandoned your post.

    The line about scent of a Woman will probably be the best desription of Pee Wee Herman’s great Adventure. Was crow on drugs?


  • http://blackhawkup.com Bartl

    @Matt – Sorry for the mix up on that, but I could have sworn it was Seabs. Either way, sharing is caring.

    @Rich – I may have “abandoned” my post, but I did it for good reason: Five nights in Las Vegas to win a cool G.

    Glad you both enjoyed Boxing!

    • rich lindbloom

      as that one Ice crew member that Sam secretly desire’s would say – “Sheeeeiiitt!”

      Bt the way, the play Toews made on that play Matt referenced was pretty special. Can’t imagine skating full speed ahead and catching a pass from behind you, knowing the thug chasing you wants to knock you over.

      Incredible paass to Stals for mere mortals; routine for Tazer.

      just a thought, it would be knid of neat to see a collection of the channelling between you and Toews on your site some day.

  • http://blackhawkup.com Bartl

    Rich, that’s a good idea. I can’t remember exactly when I started doing it though. Maybe I’ll do that leading into the playoffs so I can start sifting through the rest of the Boxings and pull out those parts.

    Thanks for the suggestion, dude.