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Get on Your Hossa: Overtime Boxing with Blackhawks/Red Wings

Marian Hossa deserves every bit the credit for this victory, and not just because he scored the game-winner.

The Blackhawks’ 3-2 overtime victory Monday against Detroit came to fruition mainly because of Hossa’s 23:54 of purely superb play on both ends of the ice. I’ve said it over and over again, but watching this guy play is a thing of beauty and we’re lucky to be able to witness it.

If Hossa had scored on that breakaway after jabbing the puck off the boards between two Red Wings, we may be talking about this being his best game of the season. It would have been nice to see him put more of a move on Joey MacDonald, but it shouldn’t take away from the original play he made to get into that position.

Hossa’s overtime winner was more than deserved after Patrick Kane fought off the entire communist party to control the puck then drew the penalty from Henrik Zetterberg at the end of regulation.

Oh, and I hope Todd Bertuzzi is having his toenails ripped out one by one with metal tongs while having farts blown in his face by Yokozuna as Failure to Launch plays on loop in the background. Ultimate torture.

Here are a few more thoughts before Boxing…

↔  To state the ridiculously obvious, the two points earned are insanely important. However, they became a hell of a lot more important when the Ageless Wonder Teemu Selanne decided to net an effing hat trick in Anaheim’s 5-4 win against Colorado later in the evening. A Blackhawks loss in the OT would have put them two points back of the Ducks for 7th. Despite the victory, the ‘Hawks are stuck in eighth.

↔  MacDonald played a hell of a game, don’t get me wrong. My issue with what most have deemed an exceptional performance lies in the fact the Blackhawks were rather non-existent around the net on point shots. MacDonald had clear looks at nearly every shot put on him. The one time someone made him smell their ass, Toews was the culprit and the puck sneaked through on a Brent Seabrook shot and hit the post. If the ‘Hawks put more traffic in front, MacDonald may not have had the performance everyone is lauding.

↔  Niklas Lidstrom may play until his 84 years old — and everyone would still fear him.

↔  Bertuzzi’s hit was unquestionably a scumbag move from a scumbag player who’s been a scumbag for his entire career. If you think I’m overreacting because Ryan Johnson played the duration of the game and still was a factor at center, look at the replay. Bertuzzi came at Johnson with his elbow up and no regard for the consequences of his actions. There was no “hockey play” made. Will he be suspended? Probably not, since he’s been somewhat clean for the past couple of years. However, the NHL is doing everything possible to rid the league of hits such as these. They need to do something about it.

And with that, here’s Boxing…

  • rich lindbloom


    iwasn’t quite sure, are you of the opinion Bertuzzi is scum? This is the hit that needs to be taken out of the game. If scumbag doesn’t get suspended they may as well let Cooke play.

    i know this is sacreligious, but sorry Tazer, if there’s a smarter player in the league, i’ve yet to see him.

    I actually have grown to like kopecks but had to laugh at that stat – i think it’s probably true

  • Doug Mitchell

    Hey all you Blackhawk dumbfucks cry me a river no Bert suspention.
    I hope you get the same officiating crew tonight youll need it.
    Hawks 1 Boston 4

  • Chicago Irish

    …at least us “dumbfucks” now how to spell SUSPENSION!!

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  • TC Chen

    …yet “know” is somewhat beyond your abilities. Check your own comment before you lash out at someone for a typo. I can understand booting Bertuzzi for the game just because he happened to catch his head (looked like his bicep and not his shoulder, but whatever), but Johnson totally squatted into that as he knew he was about to get hit (he said it himself).

    If Bertuzzi wanted to hit him in the head with the elbow, then he certainly could/would have, and Johnson would have been in rougher shape and I would support a lengthy suspension. It was an accident, and the first thing Bert did when he left the ice was go to the Chicago dressing room to apologize. That’s a little more than you might expect from a Matt Cooke, so please don’t lump him in with that goon.

    Also agreed that the officiating was terrible – the Zetterberg hook was questionable at best (though he says it was legit), particularly when you consider the non-call on the trip to Thomas Holmstrom and the blatant interference to Zetterberg that was also a non-call. I’m not the kind of guy who whines whenever the calls don’t go his team’s way, all I’m looking for is consistency. Is that too much to ask?

    • Chicago Irish

      LOL – good call out TC!! All in good fun!!

      I do agree with you 100% about the consistency – or lack of. Seems like some nights the boys are allowed to play a bit and other nights you end up in the box for breathing on the guy.

      • TC Chen

        I would even settle for inconsistency from game to game – what gets me is the lack of consistency from moment to moment during a single game. How are the players supposed to know what’s fair and what’s not? Obviously with human refs making calls on the spot you’re going to miss the odd call or at other times blow the whistle a bit too easily, but lately it seems like there’s no rhyme or reason whatsoever.

        I’m sure that can’t be relegated to just the Wings games I watch. You probably see the same thing with the Hawks.

  • Chicago Irish

    Nope…its just happening to the Wings. Payback for all those years Stevie Y was untouchable and sticking it to the Hawks!!

    Just kidding. Agree with what your saying and seeing!!