Wild Finish Aligns the Stars: Boxing with Playoff-Bound 'Hawks

"And you'll still be looking up to me when this show's over." (Blackhawk Up image)

Pure disgust to utter elation in a matter of four hours.

And now, back to reality.

Sunday was a microcosm of a Blackhawks season which had people jumping off cliffs, then scaling the mountain again in hopes of reaching the top. The Red Wings came into the United Center and farted all over the Blackhawks’ playoff hopes with a 4-3 heartbreaker.

Then, the Minnesota Wild brought the Febreeze with a 5-3 win against Dallas, sending the Blackhawks to the playoffs for the third straight season.

It’s pretty much pointless to discuss the Red Wings game in detail. That was in the prior season, the regular season which doesn’t matter anymore. To piss ourselves off about the fact the ‘Hawks came into the game with everything to play for and the Wings entering the game with nothing …. wait, I just said I wasn’t going to do this.

Our dear friends – the Vancouver Canucks – await in Round 1. Dustin Byfuglien’s fat ass won’t be around to wave in Roberto Luongo’s face again this year. And if you’re happy to see the Canucks simply based off the fact the ‘Hawks have won two straight playoff series against them, dig deeper. These are two very different teams. Let’s just hope Luongo is still the same postseason goaltender.

Wednesday at 9 p.m. CST, it’s on. Hopefully the Sedin Sisters just keep spooning each other and miss puck drop because they got caught up watching Junior while attempting to make the plot come to real life.

You can check the schedule here for the first-round series, and we’ll be back each day with a more detailed breakdown of the series.

Until then, here’s a very special edition of Boxing detailing the only thing that matters…

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  • rich lindbloom


    Please tell me that “Junior” is not a real movie. Tell me that it is a spoof by The Onion. If it is real I’m begginning to understand why the Taliban wants to destroy us.

    As you pointed out, yesterday was a snapshot of our season. From utter despair to a small flicker of hope – day after day after day. A, “I don’t give a flyinf F,” to we just may be able to beat the Canuckleheads.

    I believe the Wings had a big advantage because they could play loose yesterday. Datsyuk was incredible, I don’t know if there is a player in the league who it’s harder to take the puck away from.

    Although I’ve been a strong Leddy supporter, more and more I’m seeing some fissures in our defensive zone. God forbid Leddy and Camps get stuck on the ice for a long shift against Thing One and Thing Two. I’m thinking that doesn’t turn out to well.

    Great picture of the twins cowering before Apollo. Didn’t it appear Toews played the entire last 10 minutes yesterday. The look on his face as he sat on the end of the bench with sweat pouring down his face is another snapshot of this season.

    By the way, if we can possibly get to the Great Italian goaltender in Game One, perhaps the seed of doubt will enter Vigneaults and The Canucklehead fans. I had schneider in my Fantasy League and when he was given an opportunity to play, was an absolute rock. Lu’s got a lot of skeleton’s in his closet.

    I was reading the Nucksmisconduct website, and let’s just say they are cautiously optimistic. For a team that steamrolled through the regular season, they feel a bit cheated that their playing the hawks and not Phoenix or LA.

    We’re finally going to see what the defending Stanley Cup Champion’s are made of. There’s a few players on this team that knows what it takes. Hawks in seven – how’s that for your typical Chicago homie!