Photoshops of the Day: The Detroit Model / No Stanley For Old Men


Here’s a set that I did during the Wings-Sharks playoff series but never got to use. It’s a parody based on scenes from the Coen Brothers movie No Country For Old Men (if the title didn’t make that obvious enough for you, then thanks for stopping by Wings fans). Since I do plan on continuing my series “The Detroit Model” during the hockey dog days of August – and since it’s never a bad time to poke fun at Detroit – I felt these were fitting. Enjoy.


Word on the street: Babcock will actually be showcasing this haircut next season…
























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The Coyotes didn’t do them in, but the land Sharks finally did (or maybe it was all those high cholesterol meals at Denny’s?)…


















You have to call it, friendo…




















How Hendrik Zetterberg’s contract negotiations with GM Ken Holland really went…


















A true professional is prepared for any situation…




















Coming soon to a hockey rink near you! Some sequels never get old (unlike the Wings)…



















John Schultz, lead writer and photoshopper, BlackhawkUp. Follow me on Twitter @ChiNativeSon.

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  • cliffkoroll

    some of your best work here. really amazing.

  • K_Dog

    Awesome, just awesome.

    Also – did you see your “State of the Union Blackhawks Defense” article made the Puck Daddy “Puck Headlines” yesterday? Impressive!

  • ChicagoNativeSon

    @K_Dog Yes, and thanks KDog. Finally makin’ the big bucks! (insert photo of moose here)

  • ChicagoNativeSon

    @cliffkoroll Thanks Brian.

  • FrankRekas

    Great stuff John! This kind of thing in the dead of summer is perfect!