Photoshop Of The Day: Patrick Sharp Is The BOMB!


It’s great we’ll likely be seeing Patrick Sharp in an Indian head sweater for six more years. In celebration of his contract extension he, of course, gets a photoshop. (And when John Scott is gone, we’ll celebrate with a photoshop then too. Maybe a week’s worth.)

To get the joke in this photoshop, you first need to be familiar with the “Dave Bolland explosion walk away” (cool guys don’t look at explosions) done by me during the most recent Blackhawks-Canucks playoff series. Enjoy.

Click on the photo for a larger version.


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  • K_Dog

    Quite the mushroom stamp left by Sharp. Bravo!

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  • keithacochrane

    Hey John,

    Canucks fan here and I just spent over an hour trying to get tickets to the Canucks vs. Hawks game on November 6. They sold out within seconds. I believe there are three possible explanations:

    1. The tickets were never even released

    2. Ticketmaster traced my email to my facebook account, saw the number of posts featuring the words “Jannik” and “Hansen” and Hawk-Blocked me.

    3. Patrick Sharp is that damn sexy that he can single handedly sell out a hockey game in mere seconds.

    What’s your take on the matter?

    The only tickets I could find were standing room only. Definitely not worth the trip. You’d think these two teams were rivals or something.

    Love the blog and love watching the two teams play. Any idea how much 300 level seats would cost from a scalper? Any other tricks I should know about?