Wings Brendan Smith Suspended for Illegal Hit On Ben Smith


(Charles Cherney / Associated Press)


Although I believe the hit was ultimately the result of bad decision-making by a rookie (a stick check and/or riding Ben Smith towards the boards would’ve been the correct play there), the suspension was completely deserved and necessary. If the players aren’t going to stop this kind of crap on there own, the league needs to enforce severe and consistent penalties for the offenders.

Doing away with the instigator penalty might help too, but unfortunately that’ll never happen. I guarantee a 170lb rookie would think twice before going for a highlight reel hit if he knew swift justice might follow.

You can read the full article at

Red Wings’ Smith suspended for remainder of preseason and five regular-season games

“Shanahammer’s” video explaining the suspension will be released later today. I’ll post it here too.


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