Let The Games Begin: Toews Is Coming

Is there really anything else to say?


(You can click on the image for a larger version)

Let’s do this.

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  • EvanGlassman

    comon, wake up and get your blog up.

    • http://BlackhawkUp.com/ ChicagoNativeSon

      Ha! Brian is doing the recap and should have it posted shortly. New crew here and a new season. We’ll hopefully have it down to a science in the next week or so. Thanks Evan.

      Not sure I would put that goal on Keith though. He was boxed in behind the goal by 2 forwards. He should have had Hossa on the half-boards waiting for that pass. Hossa vacated early. So IMO, that one’s on Hossa. Sometimes a d-man doesn’t have all day to assess the situation. Sometimes he has to trust his teammates are in the right position. Hossa wasn’t.

  • EvanGlassman

    I’m an avid Hawks fan in New Mexico, and usually can only watch the highlights, which when i go to on NHL.com, i screen the score out when I click, so its interesting to watch a whole game in a copuple minutes.

    The disturbing thing I saw last night in Highlights was those stupid blind passes out of the zone(KEITH!), that have no chance, and 50/50 end up as turnovers.

    Also, I’m no hockey genius, but it seems like the Hawks win alot more when Bolland is playing, (0-3 against Vanc. Shcmucks- playoffs last yr., 3-1 with) he is their glue behind Toews.