Canes 3, Pancakes 0

Wafer thin!

Just my luck. Outta town for the past two games, back just in time to put a bow on the egg the Hawks laid tonight in Carolina, a 3-0 whitewashing. It’s never fun getting shut out, but it really sucks when your star-studded team is at full strength. The blame for tonight’s loss can be spread wide and, therefore, mercifully thin.

Three minutes in, Tim Brent was credited with what would prove to be the game-winner, a fluky carom off Nick Leddy’s skate past Corey Crawford.  I’m sure it’s some sort of cognitive bias on my part, but I swear three outta four of these screwball goals go against the Hawks.

Too early for flapjacks?

For the remainder of the period, one could infer, just, heartbeats and oxygen-exchange from our fine, feathered friends. The boys were moving, technically, on and off the bench and around the ice, a la “open skate”, but they were flat. Flatter than a pancake. Not a fluffy pancake either. Think Swedish. A Swedish pancake that has been lying beneath a stone bookcase for a week.

The dreary monotony was broken only by the education Jiri Tlusty received in what happens when you make a run at Brent Seabrook and he sees you coming. Also, there was a nice 4-minute penalty kill at the end of the period.

Wait, a flickering pulse!

In the middle frame, Crawford was the penalty-killing star, with a couple great saves, including a point-blank opportunity from Jeff Skinner. The Hawks woke up during an ensuing 4-on-4, and they carried the play through most of the period and created a couple quality scoring chances, but, in the end, nada.

The Hawks ran their best power play of the night early in the third period, but they couldn’t solve Cam Ward.  At the end of the power play, Brett Sutter stepped out of the box to find the puck on his stick. It looked like Seabrook, fresh on the ice, inexplicably forgot that Sutter was imminently to rejoin the proceedings. One breakaway later, 2-0. Yeah, again, a little fluky.

Never mind

Afterwards, the Hawks resumed pancake-mode, capped by watching a loafing Sean O’Donnell, after pinching to the offensive crease, glide back into the Hawk slot to enjoy an outstanding view of Tlusty calmly finishing a 2-on-1 on an open net. 3-0 final.


Poorest effort of the season so far. If the Hawks can keep this crap to once a month, I reckon that would be tolerable. After that game, a cleansing two points tonight against Columbus is a high priority.

Another solid game from Crawford.

I like Michael Frolik. I like his two-way game. But I don’t see the scoring touch of a guy who posted 20 goal seasons his first two years.

Steve Montador clobbered somebody with a check in the third period. Skinner? I’m not saying the team should resort to goonery in these situations, but a bit more of the spirit Monty showed there would have been welcome last night. Hard to play against. Let ‘em know they’ve been in a game. Amirite?

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  • My name is not Chico Maki

    “I swear three outta four of these screwball goals go against the Hawks.”

    Couldn’t agree more. Also tip-ins. It seems to happen so much that i’ve wondered if maybe it’s actually something WE’RE doing.

    • cliffkoroll

      @My name is not Chico Maki Disabusing myself of biases is, like, a really big thing with me, so I almost laugh to see myself say such a thing, but…

      I think it goes back at least to the Cup year (outside of the playoffs that year, when the Hawks got a little karmic love.)

    • ChicagoNativeSon

      Something WE”RE doing? As bloggers, I kinda doubt we’re the cause. But who knows?


  • ChicagoNativeSon

    It’s hard to believe that with so much talent, the PP has looked so awful. Yeah, it’s great that the PP+PK is over 110%, but it could/should be so much better.

    That hit by Montador was great. More of that physicality from Monty would be nice, less just face-washing opponents in the crease after the play.

    No excuse for playing OD last night. It has been clear for several games that he needs a rest. I can understand Q playing him against a physical Avs team, but there was little reason to do so against last night. Lepisto, your table is ready.

    I love Swedish pancakes, but not after dinner time. Maybe waffles? Definitely the worst game so far. A boot stomping tonight would be nice.

    • My name is not Chico Maki

      There’s no reason in the world the PP should be performing like it is. I mean, 9 games is hardly representative of a season, but it’s long enough to indicate problems.

      Back to cliff’s screwball goals … I’d like to see this quantified somehow, both for and against (while recognizing the impossibility). It seems to me that our goals are usually the result of rushes and shots, one-timers, and rebounds too; but only rarely do we score with a tip in or deflection. Maybe that’s why I notice so much in other teams. Do we rely on our skill too much? and so when shots are kept to the outside and we don’t establish a consistent rush or forecheck, we’re look lost and stymied, and we have no familiar plays or gameplans to commit to w/r/t seeking garbage goals or deflections, etc. Is this why Brunette is having such a hard time adjusting?

      • ChicagoNativeSon

        @My name is not Chico Maki I’m might start counting those results, just for shits and gig- er, groans. I think I can find that data in the game summaries too. It’s early enough in the season to do a little manual labor catching up.

        I think Brunette has been serviceable on offense, but he’s pretty useless towards the end of his shifts, especially getting back on D. He’s definitely not the answer though. In hindsight, keeping Brouwer around might have been better, but I doubt he would have ever found his way out of Q’s doghouse. Plus, Brunette might payoff yet on the PP? But that question mark is getting bigger. The guy does some niffy work in front of the net though.

        • cliffkoroll

          @ChicagoNativeSon@My name is not Chico Maki Brunette has his obvious deficiencies, but twice last night, he created good “net presence” opportunities, something the team lacked last year. My gut says Toews is good enough two-way to cover for Bru until something better comes along.

        • My name is not Chico Maki

          @cliffkoroll@ChicagoNativeSon Heh, I just posted on SCH precisely the opposite, then came here and read this.