Bravely, Bold Sir Bowman Rode Forth From Florida…

So after watching the beast that is Jacob Markstrom in net for the Florida Panthers last night, it suddenly dawned on me…

No skating ability required, and he does it all for one low salary. Plus, this is one goalie you won’t want to slash (if he can catch you).

Run away, Crawford, Emery, and Salak. Sometimes three heads isn’t better than one.

“He buggered off!”


John Schultz
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  • cliffkoroll

    Nice work. I always thought visual comedy was more your metier anyway. Jerk!

    • ChicagoNativeSon

      @cliffkoroll Bah! You would’ve totally appreciated my rather tame “Sharp wants to play center” joke if it wasn’t in reply to *your* Emergency Broadcast System comment.

      cliffkoroll: real. serious.

      • cliffkoroll

        @ChicagoNativeSon Let’s cut the crap. The fact is, and you can choose to ignore it, Sharp basically said he’d rather play right wing last night. Now, my delivery of this important news was clumsy, and the conversation got mired in interpreting something that, in my mind, there wasn’t a lot of room or point in debating, and you, with your cliffkoroll “court jester” impersonation, weren’t helping AT ALL, so we never even got to the interesting conversation Sharp’s remarks should have provoked.

        I still think it’s news and it’s interesting. Wanna talk about it?

        • ChicagoNativeSon

          @cliffkoroll Not really.



    would people be down with a open thread during the game? or at least a post to make observations about each game open thread might be pushing it.

    speaking of observations, it’s okay if leddy gets muscled off the puck but he has to get goalside of stamkos. and it’d be nice if we didn’t try to make “statement” hits during the pk leaving a 4 v 2