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The Solution To The Blackhawks’ Goalie Problem


There he is folks, my wish for the opening night starting goalie for the Chicago Blackhawks next year, Cory Schneider.  It is no secret that the Blackhawks are weak between the pipes.  Corey Crawford and Ray Emery are pretty much the same guy.  Both are capable of playing good for about 3 to 5 games only to get pulled.  I don’t think Crawford is the goalie the Blackhawks have been hoping for.  He is far too inconsistent and Ray Emery is not a long term solution either.


Schneider will be a restricted free agent this summer and one of the top prizes on the market if the Vancouver Canucks decide to let him go.  Schneider will demand a salary of at least 5 million dollars a year.  The Canucks are already have the fragile Roberto Luongo  under contract, at a 5.3 million dollar cap hit, for the next 10 seasons.  If the Canucks want to keep Schneider they will have to trade Luongo.  I find it hard to believe anybody would want to take on that contract for a goalie who wets himself on the biggest stage.


The Blackhawks will have the cap space to pursue Schneider this summer if they choose.  They  are currently 3.8 million dollars under the cap.  Over 5 million dollars will come off the books when the contracts of Emery, Sami Lepisto, Sean O’Donnell, Jamal Mayers, Andrew Brunette and Brandon Bollig expire after this season.  That gives the Hawks nearly 9 million dollars in cap space.  If you can trade both Niklas Hjalmarrson and Crawford you can free up another 5.1 million dollars.  Obviously you wouldn’t need Crawford any more if you sign Schneider.  The Blackhawks can move him fairly easily if they needed to.  He can still be a solid goalie and has a very reasonable cap hit of 2.6 million.  It isn’t a secret that Stan Bowman would love to move Hjammer and his 3.5 million dollar salary.  With the emergence of Dylan Olsen, Hjalmarrson is expendable.


These two moves will give the Blackhawks over 14 million dollars in cap space next summer.  That is plenty of money to make a run at Cory Schneider and still have plenty of money to fill in some other needs.  You can still offer contracts to guys like Jamal Mayers and Johnny Oduya and make other small moves.  Young players like Brandon Saad, Alexander Salak, Jeremy Morin and Brandon Pirri can fill in other holes at a low cost.  Schneider can solidify the goaltending position for years to come and hurt a Western Conference rival at the same time.

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  • CodyPugh

    Not going to happen Greg.
    Schneider’s age makes him arbitration eligible, so he can basically reject a qualifying offer or any other offer the Canucks make, essentially making him an RFA on July 1. If this happens, the Canucks can then file for arbitration, in which case he can’t negotiate with other teams, however he can still be signed to an offer sheet between July 1 and July 5th (beginning of arbitration). If the Canucks matched an offer sheet, they couldn’t trade him for one year. If Schneider somehow made it to arbitration, he would likely get awarded a lucrative salary and the Canucks would either have to pay up and strain their cap or walk away and lose him for nothing. Basically every one of these scenarios is a sub-optimal outcome for the Canucks.
    The best way to avoid all this is to trade him at the draft, which they will certainly do. This allows the Canucks to pick Schneider’s destination, as well as the return they get for him. And I think its highly doubtful that they will trade him to a conference rival like the Hawks.
    Sorry Greg, but I don’t think Schneider is in the cards for the Blackhawks.

    • detroitsucks823

       @CodyPugh  i agree one hundred percent… no way does schneider end up wearing an indian head. 
      also, i believe that there would be some teams out there (columbus?) that are in desperate of a goalie situation where somewhere lou could get 5.3 mil. ..