Bowman Needs To Make A Jumbo Trade



There has been some speculation that the New York Rangers might be trying to add Joe Thornton before the start of the season.  There have been whispers in the past few months the the San Jose Sharks might be interested in moving their captain.  If the Sharks are willing to move “Jumbo” Joe, Blackhawks GM Stan Bowman better be making a phone or two on this one.  Thornton is exactly what the Hawks need right now, a big and physical second line center.  Thornton is a play making assist machine that would excel in between Marian Hossa and Patrick Sharp. He has had two seasons of over 90 assists including 96 in 2005-06 on his way to the Hart Trophy.  He has 324 goals and 754 assists and 1077 career regular season games and is a +17 for his career.  I know what a lot of you are saying right now, “he doesn’t show up in the playoffs!”  Well that is a reputation that isn’t exactly true.  Thornton does have 87 points (20 G, 67 A) in 114 career playoff games.  In fact since being in San Jose his playoff numbers have been pretty good.  He 69 points in 79 career playoff games with the Sharks, that is an average of 0.87 points per game.  Marian Hossa has a career playoff points per game average of 0.75 and Patrick Sharp’s is 0.63 but you never hear about those guys being post season “no shows.”  Thornton is signed for this year and the 2013-14 season with a $7 million cap hit.  The Hawks can afford that hit, especially if the use Niklas Hjalmarsson in the package to land Thornton.  Doug Wilson was very interested in Hjalmarsson two years ago, its time to see if he still wants him.  This trade would be a great fit for both the Hawks and Thornton and the Bowman has a lot to offer for his services.  The only factors would be if the Sharks are actually interested in moving their captain and if they would want to send him to a conference rival.  Time to work you magic Stan, if you have any…..


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  • Michael Fthenakis

    As a sharks fan, the only part of this that I have a problem with is that I don’t think the pieces we would want for him are what you (the Blackhawks and their fans) would be willing to give up. The advantage for us in moving Jumbo would be that we would still have THREE first-line-caliber centers (count ‘em: Patrick Marleau, Joe Pavelski, and Logan Couture), but our depth in centers right now is countered by our lack of top six wingers. When Wilson was interested in Hjalmarson (or however you spell it), our defense was our weakest link. Now, with the addition of Brad Stuart this year and Brent Burns last year and the continued development of our young defensemen like Demers and Braun, if our Dan Boyles and Douglas Murrays can stay healthy better than last year we will have seven quality NHL-tested blueliners. If we were to trade Thornton we would most likely be looking for two second line wingers in return, which I can’t picture Chicago being too willing to give us. One thing we might be willing to to is downgrade a defenseman along with getting a 2 heads for one of our best players in the top six. If anyone is going to get Thornton from us the trade I see as most likely would be something like Thornton and Boyle for two second line wingers and a depth third pair defenseman. If Chicago is willing to put an offer like that forth, you might get Jumbo Joe, but it wouldn’t help your team much and you don’t have a dumb GM like Columbus so I don’t see it getting done, as for the Rangers, that’s almost exactly what they just gave up for Nash so they may not have the right pieces to offer for Joe anymore and if they do, they will want to keep them for themselves. I do not see Thornton uniting with his good friend Rick Nash in the big apple any more than I see him going to Chicago. If there is a team that wants a top quality center as bad as the Rangers wanted Nash and is willing to give up the same kind of pieces for him then Thornton might get traded, but in my opinion he is an underrated player that is very much at home with the sharks coaching, management, ownership, and fans.

  • Michael Fthenakis

    Thornton also has a NTC so he would have to approve any trade before it could happen and he wants to stay with the sharks who he believes can win as is.

  • Tim Liao

    chicago fans must be on drugs think Joe Thorton for Nicholas Hjalmarson, his over-the-top contract, and a few pieces would even be considered. Try Patrick Kane and we might start talking seriously

    • Michael Fthenakis

      So your saying you would trade Joe Thornton for a guy who has only scored 30 goals once in his career. Kane is drying up. Thornton probably has more good hockey left in his 34 year old body than Kane will have in the remainder of his young career.

  • Aaron Beck

    Wow… just wow. I can’t believe this showed up in my Sharks google feed.

    I have a counter. Doug Murray for Hossa or Sharp, because the Sharks need quality wingers, and we also have physical defenders we no longer want that we’re looking to pawn off. :)

    • Michael Fthenakis

      As a sharks fan I would like that trade, but Chicago wouldn’t go for It. I also don’t think we’re trying to “pawn off” Murray, hes just not as valuable as Sharp or Hossa.

  • raditzzzz

    how about a package with stalberg and hjalmarsson (including whatever other pick options or prospects and whatnot). that would give the sharks some additional scoring depth on the wing, at a bargain price mind you, as well as still opening up more cap space to make another possible addition.

  • Marc Sylvestre

    Asking price for Thornton would be more than he is worth right now. I’d wait until close to the trade deadline when you can pick him up as a rental. Sharks are going to miss the post season anyway, so Hawks can trade for him when they start selling.