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Happy 51st To Chris Chelios

Happy 51st Birthday to former Chicago Blackhawk star defenseman Chris Chelios.  Chelios played with the Blackhawks from 1990-1999 picking up 3 Norris trophies  on the way and helping lead the Hawks to the 1992 Stanley Cup final only to fall short to the Pittsburgh Penguins and Mario Lemieux.

Chelios went from homegrown favorite player to the enemy on a single day when he was traded to the Red Wings for Anders Eriksson and 2 first round draft picks in 1999.  The exit of Chelios was one of the last pieces to fall before the dark ages of Blackhawks hockey.i

Chelios became villainous this fall when he was spotted by TMZ burning a Jay Cutler jersey, here is a link to our story back in September. Somehow Chelios has become more Motor City than Windy City, but for most of the 90′s he was every Blackhawks fans favorite defenseman.

Happy 51 Chelios maybe you will return back to your roots before it’s too late!!

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  • JMK-Hawks13

    I will forever love the Chelios family, just a nice bunch. His mother lived across the lake from my uncle, she brought in cookies and autographs for everyone in our Berwyn store. Then we ran into Chelios and Steve Smith at the discovery zone, and they were more than happy to talk and sign things. Besides the personal stuff, that guy played hard and with heart.

  • Jason Kirk

    As a Nashville Predators fan, I can’t think of a player I despised more in the early years than Chris Chelios. Please understand that I mean this as a compliment. During the expansion years down here he was one of the Red Wings’ leaders, he was better than basically everyone on Nashville’s team, and his play made us hate him for it. It takes someone special to engender that kind of animosity in an opposing fan base. Sitting right beside the Detroit penalty box one game back in 2001 or 2002 and having the hated Chelios sitting right beside me, separated by just a wall of glass, is one of my favorite memories of those days.