Feb 19, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Blackhawks right wing Marian Hossa (81) leaves the game after being injured by Vancouver Canucks right wing Jannik Hansen (not pictured) as head coach Joel Quenneville looks on during the third period at the United Center. The Chicago Blackhawks beat the Vancouver Canucks 4-3 in the shootout. The Blackhawks tied an NHL record for scoring at least one point in 16 consecutive games to open a season. Mandatory Credit: Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

Hansen Only Gets A One Game Suspension For Hit On Hossa

When Duncan Keith elbowed Daniel Sedin last spring I called for a 2 game suspension for what was a dirty hit that is not excusable.  I was off by 3 games because even though Keith didn’t have any priors on his hockey resume, Brendan Shanahan still gave Keith a 5 game suspension. 

Last night Jannick Hansen made another dirty inexcusable elbow to the head of an opponent.  First off not to defend Keith but Sedin had made a run at Keith and no penalty was called so he wrongly took justice into  his own hands.  Last night Hossa had scored two goals, the second one undressing the entire Canucks defense so there was no retaliation coming except due to embarrassment.  It is extremely hard to catch a puck in midair when you are planting an elbow into someones head.  It could have been accidental if this was against the Blue Jackets, but this was the Vancouver Canucks and there are no accidents.

What happened last night ,within a stone’s throw from last season Raffi Torres hit, is a play that shouldn’t happen and there should be real discplined enforced.  What makes it worse was listening to the Canucks play by play crew that said the hit was ok.  I’m all for homer announcers! I want Pat Foley doing every game I watch, but to say that the hit was ok is ludicrous. Not only that when the game headed towards O.T they were talking about how courageous a game Hansen played in the third period. Courageous really?!?  this is unacceptable even from a home brewing point of view.  Even if Hansen has no history it was a bad hit just like Keith’s was a year ago. You didn’t read how Quenneville was upset that a hearing was called or Chicago sports writers saying that Sedin is as fragile as the Christmas story Lamp.  Everyone in town knew Keith was in the wrong.  Wake up Vancouver!! The Hansen hit is not a part of hockey in 2013.

Here is the Shanahan video  which explains why Hansen only gets a ONE game suspension. Shanahan and consistency are not synonymous! Equal punishment should be what is enforced and Hansen should have received a 5 game suspension, but he skates away with a one game slap on the wrist! 

As one Hawks fan said on Twitter it didn’t matter because the Hawks don’t see the Canucks until April, and hopefully Hossa will return to the ice healthy well before April’s contest! Get well soon and Get back on the ice soon Hossa!

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  • JoHannah Lowder

    I was comparing this to the Duncan Keith hit, too. It was intentional and it was bad, clearly, no argument. Blackhawks fans were disappointed with Keith and said as much, but I can’t believe how the Canucks are defending Hansen’s hit! And I can’t believe how replays did nothing to convince Shanahan that they were similar and worth the same discipline!

    It seems like everywhere else in the league, players are getting ejected from games for anything that looks like maybe it possibly could have vaguely been a blow to the head, but Hansen gets a two minute minor, one game, and a few accolades from fans and his organization. I just don’t get it.

    I know I’m being extra protective of Hossa after he left the playoffs on a stretcher last year, but I was so happy for him coming back and playing awesome like he did. The sight of him laying on the ice not moving made my stomach drop. I wish Hansen and the Canucks would realize that the hit affected more than just Hossa and make some sort of acknowledgement, if not an apology. I don’t really expect that, but I expected more from Shanahan and the league.

    End of rant.

    • JMK-Hawks13

      The only difference between the two hits, is that there was a direct connection between Keith and sedin. Keith took direct vengeance from an earlier no call head shot. While this one was not premeditated, I do think it was intentional. The fact that every angle and trajectory for both the puck and player is not congruent with Hansen’s version of the story, makes it obvious it’s not an accident. When it’s said and done I thought we were lucky to even get a suspension out of this, especially since they claimed no intent. The league hasn’t been very strict on “accidents” which I can’t understand, because like the control your stick rule, body parts should be in control as well.

      • JoHannah Lowder

        Yeah. I think I just hate the Canucks. And don’t understand the league’s discipline logic at all.

        • JMK-Hawks13

          Pff yeah they don’t have any consistency at all, it drives me crazy as well. Hossa is my favorite player in the nhl, and my roommate and I felt sick seeing him lay there again. It’s was a bad injury night last night as well, it’s scary seeing some freak accidents, and infuriating to see the intentional hits that lead to injury. The players have said it before, the nhl can only do so much, the players need to give a Damn about each other, which I completely agree with.

  • Jim

    I think that when a player takes out another with what is clearly an intentional attempt to injure the other player, the perpetrator’s suspension should be equal to the amount of time the injured player is out, plus 10 games. You would see a dramatic decrease in head shots if that was the penalty. The NHL is paying lip service to making play safer.