May 18, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Blackhawks center Jonathan Toews (19) in the third period of game two of the second round of the 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs against the Detroit Red Wings at the United Center. The Red Wings won 4-1. Mandatory Credit: Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Jonathan Toews Vs The Referees

In the Chicago Blackhawks’ 4-1 loss to the Detroit Red Wings in game 2 of the Western Conference Semi-Finals, Jonathan Toews didn’t have anything nice to say about the officiating crew.  According to Toews, the Red Wings got away with several hooks, grabs, and clutches against Hawks players throughout game 2, and were never called for several of them, and the Hawks were seemingly called for every one of those gestures throughout the game.  Toews said that the calls from the referees were not going “both ways”.

During game 2, the Blackhawks were charged with 5 minor penalties, while the Red Wings were called for 3.  Other teams throughout the Stanley Cup Playoffs have also complained about the quality of the officiating.  It’s easy to forget that hockey is a fast game, and calls will always be missed, but often times referees will make-up for it, and hand out a softer penalty to the opponent of the team who, was on the wrong end of a missed call.  When several penalties go uncalled for, and are not made up, it can be the most infuriating thing for a player, especially one on the losing end of the game.  Toews was obviously frustrated by the loss, and feels had some of the infractions from Detroit had been penalized, the game may have played out differently.  We’ll never know for sure.

It’s easy to see why Toews was upset, the team he is captaining in the playoffs, lost a home game that they were expected to win, and could have put the Hawks in a very comfortable position for the rest of the series.  More Power Plays for the Hawks would have most likely changed the final outcome of the game.  We also have to remember that no matter what, the referees are humans, and with that human element comes human mistakes.  Those mistakes will always be there, but maybe not always as seemingly one-sided looking, but sometimes that happens.

The frustrating loss, and the non-calls on several Detroit penalties may alter the complexion and outlook on this series for the Blackhawks.  They will undoubtedly be more charged up, and more angry to start game 3.  It will surely be interesting, so stay tuned.

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  • eric saleh

    Jonathan toews is being a huge poor sport!! I can sit here and tell you how’s my call the redwings didn’t get in game 1. The person the posted this Is obviously Chicago fan. DUDE you lost 4-1 even if you got 2 more Penalties called on the wings you still would of lost the game that day. The red wings out played you guys that game and that’s that. For god sakes pavel dat!!! was in the penalty box on a bullshit call PAVEL really when is he ever in there, don’t talk your shit and say the ruffs missed so many things when you have pavel day in the box. Why is he even crying and why is this even posted. You can’t take that you got out played on game 2 and that’s all. Take it like a man and move on to game there. Don’t cry like a little baby. Oh that’s right he’s 23 right. Grow up bro and run your team. You have a lot more things to worry about and that’s the RED WINGS, they think bc they got really good players on there team that there just gonna walk right over the wings. I’m sorry it’s not gonna happen. That’s red wings hockey town buddy. They won’t go down with out a fight. So shut up and play the game.

    • Brian Kinkade

      I agree that criticizing officials is just plain bad form from Toews. However, as a hockey fan as well as clearly a Detroit fan, you should taken into account the immeasurable momentous effects that Power Plays have on a hockey game. Also, as a player the momentous effects that not getting a Power Play that you feel your team deserved. Just two more Power Plays for the Hawks could have made for a completely different game. You can’t just look at the numbers exclusively when it comes to hockey, when momentum and several other unquantifiable factors make up a large portion of the outcomes of games. No question, the Wings outplayed the Wings outplayed the Hawks, but Toews remarks about the officiating indicates that their poor play may have been affected by their inability to handle to let down of missed calls. No one knows what the game would have looked like had a couple calls gone differently. This is a coulda-woulda-shoulda post, and another dissection of game 2. Toews criticizing the officials is completely out of character and bizarre for him, so it makes you wonder. I agree there were also calls that could have gone Detroit’s way too, but this post isn’t about that, and if you expected that, then you clearly didn’t read the title to this post. While the Wings are a solid team this year, you are doing yourself and the intelligent section of the Red Wings fan base a disservice by clinging to yesteryear’s “Hockey Town” glory days. Live in the now, not to sound like biased Hawks fan, but myself and the rest of the hockey world would be stunned if the Wings upset the Hawks in this series. Having said that, the Wings are a very solid team that the Hawks likely won’t completely bulldoze the rest of the way. The Wings are certainly past their prime and far gone are the “hockey town” glory days, so throwing that out there is irrelevant. However, I admire your team pride, and I think game 3 will be a good one.

  • HawkIPA

    Rare frustration with officials from the captain. Should have kept his mouth shut. If he and the Hawks play their game, they’ll win the series. Time to get to it.

    • eric saleh

      That’s right I agree with you 100% Capt. don’t talk like that , A Capt. keeps his mouth shut and plays the game. A capt is to make his team get over these things and keep playing and moves forward. And acts like a Leader, you need to give the wings Some credit, the won! They played hard and that’s that……..

  • eric saleh

    That’s right I agree with you 100% Capt. don’t talk like that , A Capt. keeps his mouth shut and plays the game. A capt is to make his team get over these things and keep playing and moves forward. And acts like a Leader, you need to give the wings Some credit, the won! They played hard and that’s that

  • Corinne Ortega

    I agree with Toes. The officiating was very one sided. I sometimes wonder if the referee are partial to ne team. They are suppose to be neutral. Hey Refs get with it and be fair I think all the following comments are by Detroit fans