5 Reasons To Hate The St Louis Blues

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Photo from STLtoday.com

Hawks forward Brandon Bollig brings the Cup to St. Louis, instilling hope in the youth of the city. Photo from STLtoday.com

3) Cup Envy -  The Blues have had it rough when it comes to SCF appearances, so I cut them a little slack, but the cup envy is strong with them.  The Blues’ irrational and unbridled anger stems from a lot of things, but most of it comes from the cup, or lack thereof.  Coach Quenneville first coached the Blues from 96-04, never once posting a losing record, and yet they fired him.  He comes to Chicago a few years later and wins two Stanley Cups.  All the while the Blues toil with one disappointing season after another.  They have to see Bollig not only beat up on Reeves, but then parade Chicago’s Cup all over St Louis.  We have a world class group of forwards and defense that doesn’t need to goon it up to win a cup.  Chicago won both cups with a goalie controversy.  St Louis sees that, then looks at Brian Elliot and angrily realizes that Elliot is no Niemi.  Why must the fan base and the franchise lash out at Chicago for the mismanagement of their team?  Just another reason to dislike the Blues since we know that Chicago would never provoke any type of reaction from the less fortunate.

2) Ryan Reeves / Barret Jackman – This is probably the first real reason to hate the St Louis Blues, at least for the younger fans.  Reeves is the guy that wants to fight Patrick Kane but ran from John Scott in the same play.  When he finally decides to fight Scott, he does so by attacking him from behind.  He’s also the guy that tries to fight Brandon Bollig, but he just can’t seem to win.  He is a slightly tougher version of Pat Kaletta, and that is all you really need to know to not like him.  Jackman is cut from a similar cloth, but at least he will answer the call to pretty much anyone.  Jackman shares the number two spot for his talent of throwing in a number of cheap shots per game.  You only need one of these types on a team, and the Blues have a few.

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  • Kevin Ryan

    I see where you’re going with #5 and #1. However…

    #4 – Pizza? I thought this article was about hockey. No idea where pizza comes in. Who cares.
    #3 – Cup Envy. So you hate the Blues because you have 2 recent Stanley Cups and they have none? That’s a reason for St. Louis fans to hate the Hawks. You have it backwards.
    #2 – Ryan Reaves/Barret Jackman – Two physical players with completely different roles. Don’t know why they are grouped together other than you thought of a few isolated incidents of them playing physical hockey. Neither is an offensive threat. Don’t see many Hawks fans hating these two.

    • JMK-Hawks13

      This was meant to be a little silly to poke fun at the nhls “rivalry” night. Half the time the teams facing have no quarrels, so I was playing off that joke. Clearly the pizza was meant to be light hearted, and you can hate them for making going to a game impossible to enjoy. You missed the point entirely on the cup envy. It was basically describing why blues fans are such an angry bunch, all the while purposely downplaying hawks fans over eagerness to flaunt it success. It was hating them for reacting to Chicago’s success in angry posts and trash talk at games. Both reeves and jackman fall into the same category because they are both hated in Chicago. I was going to add lapierre into the mix but, he’s too new, though the hawks have history with him as well.

      • ZeroFade

        “It was hating them for reacting to Chicago’s success in angry posts and trash talk at games.”

        You got all wound up because the internet people made fun of your team? You wanna go make fun of their pizza? Want some ice cream after?

        In actual hockey news; Backes scored and the Blues won after Steen’s great slap shot with 22 seconds remaining.

        • JMK-Hawks13

          Your reading comprehension is poor. The whole point of this post was to poke fun of the nhls rivalry night.

  • Lauryn

    I have to admit, I’m a Blues fan, and I was laughing…until the third one. That one was WAY off. Have you ever thought of stepping in a Blues fan’s shoes? We don’t envy Chicago for having championships, because St. Louis has the Cardinals, who have the most World Series wins in the National League. You say that people should hate the Blues because fans their fans are thirsty for the Stanley Cup. What’s the logic in that? ALL fans of every single NHL team want to see their team win the Stanley Cup. It isn’t just the Blues. But do we want it a bunch? How do you think we fill up Scottrade every night? Isn’t it loyalty by showing off your pride in your team when you trash talk your rival? Come on, Blackhawks fans aren’t perfect, they trash talk the Blues all the time. You say we’re the ones that get upset and mad, but really, it’s articles like this that make St. Louis fans hate Chicago. I know you meant this article as a joke, a poke at fun, but what’s funny to a Blackhawks fan may be hurtful to a Blues fan. We don’t envy you (you wish we did). What’s the Blues’ 3-0 record against the Blackhawks this season say about envy? Really, Blackhawks fans should be jealous and scared because the Blues aren’t going to stop at round one this year. Or round two. Or even round three. They’re going all the way. I believe that with all of my heart, and even if they don’t win it, I’m proud of them. They’ve had so many dramatic things happen the past few months and to be where they are now is special. Being a Blues fan isn’t easy, but when the wait is finally over, it will taste even sweeter after all these years.

  • Lauryn

    Also, it’s Reaves. Not Reeves. At least have the decency to spell the goon’s name right. And trust me…we have goons because places like Chicago have softies. Do you really think that Jonathan Toews would stand a chance against someone like Roman Polak or Vladi Sobotka? Uhm, no.