Old School Hockey vs. New School Hockey: A Debate That Needs to Die

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Mar 30, 2014; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Chicago Blackhawks center Jonathan Toews (19) reacts on the bench after suffering an apparent injury against the Pittsburgh Penguins during the second period at the CONSOL Energy Center. The Pittsburgh Penguins won 4-1. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Better, happier, more productive…

Please excuse my lame, intentional misquote of Radiohead’s Thom Yorke, but it I couldn’t resist.

Old School hockey, the gritty mean, highly-physical style of hockey versus new school hockey, the fancy, clean, more finesse style of hockey, is an old debate, in the world of hockey.  A very annoying debate.

This debate has been around for a while, but it has been much more prevalent, in the last few days.  Brooks OrpikCLEAN hit that injured Jonathan Toews has essentially taken the role of the assassination of Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand, which started World War One, as the hockey world has similarly gone to to war, over what the Chicago Blackhawks should have done, in response to the hit.

Let’s settle it here, before things get ugly, like they did, during the first world war.

“New School Hockey” is without a doubt superior to “Old School Hockey”.  It should be so obvious that it should never have to be said, but unfortunately there are many hockey fans that don’t agree.

Old School hockey supporters would have preferred the Blackhawks to physically retaliate, against the Pittsburgh Penguins, after the hit on Toews.  Fans upset that the Hawks did not do this, were reacting emotionally, rather than logically, to what happened.  Sure, it’s frustrating that the Hawks lost their captain, to injury, but there’s no need to criticise the Hawks for not reacting like a bunch of morons.

Would it have felt good, if someone like Andrew Shaw or Brandon Bollig laid a big hit on a Penguins star, like Sidney Crosby?  Yeah, if you are a fan that doesn’t appreciate the sport of hockey.

What would have been the point of going, all old school, and seeking a big hit, on a Pittsburgh player?  Other than appeasing the hockey fans that prefer less hockey be played during a hockey game.  None.

Old school hockey is pointless, child-like, barbaric hockey blasphemy, that does nothing but hurt the growth of the NHL, as well as the sport, in general.  This type of hockey was commonplace, long ago, in the sports youth.  So, by using the logic of the people wanting hockey players to partake in this sophomoric behavior, we should all go back to traveling by stagecoach, rather than by automobile.

The most heard supporter of old-school hockey, during Sunday’s Hawks vs. Penguins game, was NBC hockey “analyst”, Mike Milbury.  During the intermission, following Orpik’s hit, Milbury was saying that the Hawks needed to go after Orpik and make him pay, for injuring Toews(on a clean hit).

Let’s take a look at Mike Milbury’s hockey track record.

<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/fpbD6W7YT5A” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

At 2:25, of the video, you’ll notice Mike Milbury, the very same “analyst” during the intermission of the Hawks/Penguins game, going into the stands, and proceeding to psychotically beat a fan with his own shoe.

This is old school hockey.  It’s disgusting and it needs to stay in the past and never return.  To call that hockey, is an insult to the sport that we follow, and is an embarrassment.  At the same time, it is a nice reminder of how far the sport has come.

Why would anyone want to take strategical hockey advice, or any kind of advice, for that matter from a psycho, like Milbury?  I sure hope not.

Milbury is an idiot, plain and simple.  He is nothing more than a cave man that NBC puts in a suit and tie, and places in front of a camera, to poison the minds of newer hockey fans, that are trying to learn the game still.  Please, hockey fans, do not listen to this scum bag.  Just because he played hockey, doesn’t mean he “gets” hockey.

Allow me to get mildly new school, and use numbers to make my point.  In 351 games coached, in the NHL, for the Boston Bruins and New York Islanders, Milbury has a record of 146-160-45 (wins-losses-ties).  This shows that Milbury and his old school ways are efficient ways to lose more hockey games, rather than winning them.

Isn’t winning the game the ultimate purpose of playing the game?

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  • Lloyd A Brodnax

    Excellent and informative article! Go Hawks!

    • Blackhawk Up

      Thanks Lloyd! Have A Great Day!! LET’S GO HAWKS!!

  • oldwhiteguy

    Great article. Well said.

  • Brian Soda Man

    The naivete of this article is astounding. You don’t retaliate to ‘feel good’ you retaliate to send a message that any other team that wants to run one of your skill players will face similar retribution. Like pitchers tit-for-tat in baseball when a teammate is hbp. If you don’t respond the next team will quickly grasp the concept of competitive advantage by running your skill players into the boards and onto the lockerroom. It wasn’t as if Orpik didn’t intentionally want to hurt Toews !!!! That was his intent !!! I suggest figure skating as you ‘new hockey fans’ sport of choice.

    • Brian Kinkade

      Retaliating to “feel good” or “send a message” is what kids do on school yards, not what professional hockey players do, in the NHL, in 2014. I get what you’re saying and the day and age of sending a message has passed, just as intentionally hitting batters, in baseball. Leave all that stuff in the 1960s and 1970s and let’s move forward. If your idea of hockey is to stop playing hockey in order to hurt someone for hurting one of your own guys, maybe boxing is more your sport. I get where you’re coming from, but the point of playing hockey is to win hockey games. Going out to send a message will likely result in a penalty, and a Power Play for the opposing team. Might I remind you that the Penguins have one of the best Power Play units, in the NHL, and giving them an opportunity on the mad-advantage is just about the dumbest bit of strategy that I’ve ever heard, especially when the Hawks were already losing. There’s no better message to send than to come back and win the game.

      • Brian Soda Man

        Showing even more naivety. Did you watch the Pirates/Cubs game last night? 60s or 70s ? Its how sports are played TODAY !!!! Intimidation is a major part of sports especially at the professional level. You need to react in a fashion to deter future intimidation attempts by future opponents. This ‘wussification’ of not only sports but American male culture is retarding people’s perspective of professional athletics. Chicago Blackhawk Hockey doesn’t yield to intimidation. God I miss Iron Mike Keenan.

  • one of the old guys who should

    this is the worst article ever if you want everyone to play your so called “modern hockey” guys like orpik should be not be allowed to play “modern hockey.” quit calling this a “clean” hit legal barely clean complete nonsense.the only intent on this play was to injure the star player on the opposing team. now the Hawks have a big neon sign on their backs saying give us lots of “clean” hits.or get our guy pudzo to show this video to all the little hockey players out there, when you someone with their head down skate as fast as you can and deliver a nice “clean” hit.Brian Kincade you know very little about hockey. by the way i grew up in canada and played hockey into the minor leagues. so i know a little bit about hockey.

    • Brian Kinkade

      You must not have been very good at hockey, or just not very intelligent about it. Injuries are a side-effect and occupational hazard of playing a physical sport such as hockey. The fact that you didn’t know this makes me question your hockey career and know how. Growing up in Canada doesn’t make you know more about hockey. In case you haven’t noticed, there is hockey in the United States, also, and it’s been going on, professionally since the 1920s. I’ll enlighten you, hockey is a fast sport, things happen. Orpik was NOT trying to hurt Toews. Orpik is a physical player, that’s his role, on the ice. They can’t all be Kanes and Crosbys. Are you sure you played hockey? If you actually did make it to the minors, I consider it a miracle, considering how ignorant and uninformed your comment is.

  • one of the old guys who should

    this is exactly what happens when stanley cup bandwagon jumpers articles my exact feelings brian. have a soda on me.LOL.

    • Brian Kinkade

      It’s just growing pains for the rapidly growing Chicago hockey fan base. It will get better,