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The Chicago Blackhawks New Playoff Lines

Coach Joel Quenneville unveiled some new line combinations are practice on Tuesday 4/15/14. We are unsure of how long these lines will last because we all know Coach Quenneville loves to change up his lines.

Top Line: Kris Versteeg-Jonathan Toews-Brandon Saad

Coach Quenneville is matching a inconsistent Versteeg with the always solid Toews. Versteeg shouldn’t even be playing in my mind. Saad and Toews played so well together last year that this move makes sense. Toews despite his absence from the lineup should be able to get Saad going again. Saad has struggled since suffering an upper body injury late in the season.

Coach Quenneville said this about his line: “(Saad) has played with Johnny a lot the last couple years. Steeger, as well, has played in some big situations. We’ll see how that all works out,” Quenneville said. “They certainly have the capability of working well together. That line looked pretty good together.” This quote is courtesy of CSN Chicago.com


Second Line: Patrick Sharp- Michal Handzus-Marian Hossa

Coach Quenneville is putting Handzus on the second line much to dismay of every Blackhawks fan. Handzus has struggled this season BUT, he was great on the second line last playoffs with Sharp. He also has a chemistry with Hossa. The motto on this line is “IF ain’t broke don’t fix it”. Until Handzus fails in the playoffs, the Blackhawks will roll with him on the second line.


Third Line:  Bryan Bickell-Andrew Shaw-Patrick Kane

Patrick Kane on the third line, stop the presses! This move makes sense in my mind. Shaw is a physical player and Bickell has size. They will be on the ice to protect Kane from the Blues. The Blues have David Backes and Steve Ott who are scum and will take runs at Kane. Kane also will be able to adjust back to playing at the NHL level with Shaw and Bicks. I personally like this line combination for a game or two.


“Yeah, I thought all the lines have comparable ingredients with the ability to score and play without the puck as well,” Quenneville said. This quote is courtesy of CSN Chicago.com


Fourth Line: Brandon Bollig, Marcus Kruger, Ben Smith

This line knows it role and has been consistent all season. They will give the Blackhawks a jolt when they need it and can be relied upon. I expect big things from Ben Smith this playoffs.


Biggest objection:

Where is Jeremy Morin?? Jeremy Morin deserves a spot on a line during this playoffs. He has outplayed Kris Versteeg and brings the physicality the Blackhawks will need against the Blues.


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  • Lloyd A Brodnax

    I don’t like the fact that Zus is centering this line for the simple fact that his age and wear has finally caught-up with him…therefore, I would rather see Morin or even Regin in his place… Sometime Coach Q gives to much deference to veterans and he over-thinks what should be very apparent… Hawks fans are very serious and meticulous about their team and the majority of us are saying the same about Zus! I/We hope Coach Q is right but I wholeheartedly don’t like Zus centering this line

  • http://simon-searchmarketing.com/ Geoff S.

    Totally agree on Morin, he looked dangerous there and played solid ‘ right way’ hockey when given the opportunity. But gotta support coach Q til proven otherwise.

  • Curtis Zwit

    these pairings seem to be the best fit to play against the heavy hitting Blues. We need to remember both Toews and Kane are coming back from injuries and dispite missing a good chunk of the end of the season (these games didnt mean much). They know their roll and should be able to get it done. Like stated toews is a GREAT setup man and that is his roll, steeger has struggled since leaving the hawks but this could be the line combo he will shine with having a great set up man and two people that both like to fire the puck at the net. Line 2. Ok i understand not having Kane on it due to the fact he needs protection and moving him with shaw and bick is probably a number one or 2 line on any other NHL team in the league if someone disagrees state who has a better one two and three line???? Line 2 we need that number 2 center and by the nunber of faceoff percentages and the experience hanzi has he is the right man for this roll. sharpie and hossa have so much chemistry from playing the last couple years together along with the little they have with hanzi i believe this line could be one that every team fears! Yet again i think the top 3 lines every team fears and will have an extremely hard time guarding against. line 4 is their because it needs to be line. I expect a few goals over the playoffs from them no where to compare to the other lines, they just need to be out there be physical control the puck against other teams number one pairs. (since st is at home and has last pick of line adjustments). MY fear is on D i think Q should switch it up a bit maybe lets see ODY with Seabs and Hjalmi with Keith. Just think they bring more to the game apart then together.