Mar 30, 2014; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Brent Seabrook (7) skates with the puck against the Pittsburgh Penguins during the third period at the CONSOL Energy Center. The Penguins won 4-1. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Brent Seabrook: Did The Punishment Fit The Crime?

The Chicago Blackhawks’ Brent Seabrook, as everyone knows, won’t be available until Game #6 of the series after getting handed a three game suspension.  The question now is did Seabrook deserve the 3 game suspension.

There are a couple of things that should be mentioned! First off the Department of Player Safety continues to be very inconsistent with their rulings.  Yes, I think that the hit deserves some sort of punishment, just like I thought the Brooks Oprik hit deserved punishment. I know people will say that Oprik point of impact was shoulder to shoulder but Oprik left his feet when he knocked Jonathan Toews out of the regular season.  Oprik didn’t even get a phone call from the NHL while Seabrook hit Backes after he missed the puck, and was not skating standing up on his skates and Seabrook didn’t leave his feet.  I know the point of impact was shoulder to head and deserves punishment but the hits though different are more similar than the experts are saying in my opinion.

Secondly the Reaves hit in Game #1 was high on Jonathan Toews and all he picked up was a two-minute minor with no further action.  The real fear is going to be Reaves and Jackman running around at Blackhawks in Chicago during Games #3 and #4.

One last thing is the video and audio! There is no way to tell who said what so judging the Blackhawks is crazy.  Unless the NHL had Duncan Keith or another Blackhawks mic’d up just drop it! One thing that is for sure that the Hawks need to play their game and stop trying to keep up with the Blues on the physical side.

One last thing here is a poll! Did the punishment fit the crime?

Did Brent Seabrook's Punishement Fit The Crime?

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  • Lloyd A Brodnax

    Our Hawks will hold serve at the Madhouse and this will become a best of 3 series. Additionally, our Hawks have at best played perhaps 33 minutes of hockey and yet led in both games…And lastly, history says Hawks win this series, as the Blues were in same situation last year and ended up losing the next four games. So if our Hawks play not only their game, but a 48 – 50 minute game, they’ll win!

  • Dashley R

    First off, of course he wasn’t skating standing straight up, he was skating at speed around a back corner trying for the puck leaning and had to turn around. I’m pretty sure that most if not all skaters have to lean to change their center of gravity while changing direction. Second, shoulder to shoulder and shoulder to head are two utterly different hits as in the book a shoulder to shoulder or shoulder to chest is a legal hit(you need to work on your logic). Third, it was a late “charging” hit, whether or not both of his skates were off the ground at the point of contact is irrelevant as it was still deemed a charge that lead to an injury due to an illegal hit to the head. This would be the reason why you are only an opinionated spectator and not an expert paid to make the decisions. Anybody with any sense could tell you that was an illegal hit and a terrible example of when and how to properly check an opposing player.
    Do you not see how wrong it is for you to justify the injury induced hit by looking at a hit from a Blues player that did not lead to an injury? The hit obviously wasn’t too hard or too high because it didn’t leave Toews concussed laying flat on the ice.
    And about the audio, do you think it was a Blues player that was taunting Backes to wake up? Do you think it was a trainer or a referee? I’m pretty sure it is safe to assume it came from a Chicago player and not a spectator since the game was played in St. Louis. I’m not going to lay blame on any single player because unless the person comes forward nobody but the players can know for sure who said what.
    Finally I would like to conclude by stating how biased and heartless you sound. Your writing choices are a poor example of how to represent and write about the Chicago Blackhawks game stories and headlines.
    I rest my case, no further questions your honor.

    • Joseph Morgan

      So basically you’re saying that since Toews wasn’t concussed everything was just dandy. Well, your honor, using your logic if we’re talking bullets instead of shoulders since the Blues player missed his target, it was perfectly legal! Please never defend anybody in a real court

      • Dashley R

        No, I’m not “basically” saying anything of the sort. I was watching game 3 and was aggravated at my own team(especially Lapierre and Ott) for putting up stupid hits because I don’t like that stuff. Not only is it dangerous and bad for the sport, but it is bad for the team when they have to kill off dumb penalties while trying to gain momentum. The hit on Toews you obviously didn’t care for was totally different(the reason why it wasn’t a major/match penalty) because it did NOT leave the player injured. The PPC(principal point of contact) of the hit was obviously not the head and obviously wasn’t hard enough to injure him. That is how it is DIFFERENT. Even though you didn’t like the hit, that doesn’t make it comparable to a hit that puts a player out for games on end. The only similarity was there were two opposing players on a collision course. And we are not talking bullets are we? We are talking about an illegal hit that led to a minor penalty and a totally different illegal hit that led to one player with a brain injury and the other player ejected and suspended. Obviously you misunderstood because I never said that what Reaves did was legal nor did I say it was “just dandy”. Do you understand now or should I use smaller words?

        • Joseph Morgan


          • Dashley R

            Let me answer the question and simplify this for all of you since you seem so frustrated with all of this. Yes, he deserved the suspension, he is responsible for his actions on the ice. Also, if it had been the other way around and Backes had knocked out Toews, firstly he wouldn’t have been taunting him and secondly you would have all rioted. As far as I’m concerned he should be suspended a minimum of 3 games and not be allowed to return until the injured player is deemed fit to play.
            Oh, and by the way, since you want to bring up illegal hits that in your opinion should have had a more sever penalty or consequence, lets bring in the intentional knee to knee contact between Bickell on Sobotka that kept Sobotka out of part of game 2. He wasn’t permanently injured so nobody made a big deal out of it, but it was exactly the same hit that just took Colorado’s Tyson Barrie for the rest of the playoffs. I’m pretty sure Matt Cooke is going to be suspended, what do you think?

  • what he said

    Dashley R u are right on the money. Also history says that 9 times a game 1 has gone to triple OT in a playoff series and the winner has won the series all 9 times so it depends on which angle u look at Lloyd.

    • Lloyd A Brodnax

      I’ve been consistent with my posts, which again was based on historical data, namely, the Blues bein in an identical position last year and up2game 5, everything was déjà vue and now onto game 6, the Blues scored 1-goal in last year’s game 6 against the then defending champions, LA KINGS, but the Blackhawks scored 5-goals, thus winning the series and the Best of 3 like I originally posted and that post was before game 3 was even played. Conversely, had it not panned out as I predicted I would’ve been the 1st 2say how wrong my posts was… It was still a great series and this renewed rivalry will become historical in the years 2come. Be Well and will the Blues ever get their Cup? Probably, but not at the expense of my Hawks!