Feb 3, 2014; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Kings head coach Darryl Sutter watches game action against the Chicago Blackhawks during the third period at Staples Center. Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Blackhawks: Five Quick Thoughts About LA

After a few days off since Patrick Kane put a sweet back hand through the Hearts of Minnesota Wild fans, the Blackhawks finally have an opponent named so here’s Five Quick thought about the Blackhawks heading to a rematch against the LA Kings.

5. Jonathan Quick is the Real King- There has been a lot of talk about Henrik Ludqvist being the King, but Quick is the man with a Conn Smythe trophy, a Stanley Cup and 6 straight wins in the 2014 playoffs while facing elimination.  Quick is 8-6 with one shutout in the playoffs, he has a 2.72 Goals Against average and a .914 Save Percentage.

4. Justin Williams is Clutch-  Williams tied Wayne Gretzky for 2nd all-time with 6 Game #7 goals with the opening goal last night.  Williams has 26 playoff goals in 103 games so it’s safe to say his 6 Game 7 goals is an incredible percentage and proves how clutch he is for the Kings. The safest way to avoid this stat is to avoid a Game #7!

3. Darryl Sutter- Sutter is a great coach which started behind the bench of the Chicago Blackhawks back in the 90′s. The former Blackhawks Captain has a team that fits his personality perfectly in a tough resilient team.  The only question for Sutter is when does he let his offensive stars open up their game.  In the Olympics his guys were the offensive stars, but it’s not usually until the chips are down that he let’s them open up their game (see Game #7 last night)

2. The Kings are like a Cockroach- I mean this in a good way.  The Kings should have been dead in the first round, but even though they were down 3-0 they found a way to win four straight times including 2 games on the road including a Game  #7 in San Jose.  The Kings were again on the ropes and ready to take a knockout blow before they rallied to win 2 straight games against the Ducks including a Game #7 on the road.  They find a way to not have their 2014 season to be killed off which make them a dirty, nasty opponent to face in the Western Conference playoffs in 2014.

1. The Hawks seem to have the Kings number-  The Blackhawks were 2-1 in 2013 in the regular season and 4-1 in the 2013 Western Conference Finals against the Kings .  This season the Hawks were 3-0 against the Kings even during a season that the Blackhawks never were on the hot streak like 2013 and their play was uneven.  The Hawks are one of the few teams that seem to know how to beat Quick but will they be able to do it four times which the rest of the West has struggled with in 2014.

What is your thoughts about LA?

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  • Lloyd A Brodnax

    Keith, this will be an exciting series for sure. But I’m still convinced that Our Hawks haven’t played their best hockey and the players have validated this statement. So here’s hoping they get to that next level of speed, precise puck passing/possession, great defense, less turnovers, playing smart and their right way! Go Hawks!

    • Blackhawk Up

      Yes, I agree with you that we haven’t seen their best hockey yet which could be scary for the remaining teams. Go Hawks

  • sheepeater777

    the blackhawks don’t have a prayer. you heard it here first.

    last year the king’s top players were injured. including brown, richards, williams and carter (thanks to the master of the cheap shot duncan keith with his come from behind high stick to carter’s face). last season carter was the top offensive player for the kings and wasn’t the same after keith mangled his face and rearranged his teeth with that high stick. keith should have been suspended for the rest of the series for that cheap shot. also last year kopitar was in an epic slump.

    now carter isn’t even in the top 5 players for the kings. kopitar is on fire, so is williams, richards, brown, pearson, toffoli, doughty, pearson, gaborik, lewis, even muzzin looks like he doesn’t suck which is the sign of the apocalypse as far as the blackhawks chances are concerned.

    this time around there are simply too many players for duncan keith to high stick in the face and seabrook to head hunt.

    die blackhawks die.

    we want duncan keith’s two front teeth.

    Kings will take the cup this year.

    Later days losers.

    • Lloyd A Brodnax

      Ok Sheepeater777. I’ll be watching this space ( your comment) relative to this series. Your Kings are perhaps playing their best hockey and Our Hawks still have yet 2play to their potential, at least consistently, albeit they tend 2arise to their level of competition and then exceed that and game 1 victory 2day by our Hawks gave the Kings glances of what’s coming, so standby for the awakening of the Beast that is Our Hawks and culminating with playing for the Cup! Because it’s the Cup–Go Hawks!!!

      • sheepeater777

        ok so we spot you one game. i don’t know how they can schedule the first round of the wcf so close to the end of the 2nd round of the playoffs.

        no excuses. blackhawks got some great bounces and calls and played ok. kings looked tired.

        bollig should have been penalized for embellishment. toews should have been called for goalie interference (it should have been a king’s pp not just a disallowed goal).

        bh goal #2 was flooky but that’s hockey.

        at least the bh fans got to see what tanner pearson and tyler toffoli are all about.

        • Lloyd A Brodnax

          Come on sheepeater777.. The Kings had their legs, they were not tired.. And tired from what? Their last series was approx 29 miles distance wise so an hour bus ride? And each of the Kings series went 7 games..there’s no fault their either, so onto Sunday’s game–that wasn’t a giveaway game by your Kings–that’s hockey… The rubber puck does funny things on ice! I’ll continue to watch this space… Go Hawks!

          • Lloyd A Brodnax

            Hey sheepeater777. Great comeback and game by your Kings last night!

  • Lloyd A Brodnax

    Keith.. Rosival really concerns me as it appears that the opposition either scores or has 2many chances 2score whenever he’s on the ice, so I wish that Coach Q would scratch him and insert Brookbank cause at minimum, Brookbank keeps it simple and he’s way faster than Rosival…case in point, games 5&6 v. Wild, Rosival scratched and Brookbank and defense in General were much, much better. I would throw Leddy in there cause he to is out there with Rosival.. Hopefully, Coach took notice and does something cause Rosival is a weak link in the Hawks solid chain… Just my opinion, but facts validate my concern!