History Is Slipping Through The Blackhawks Fingers

The Chicago Blackhawks shot at history is slipping right through their fingers right in front of the entire Hockey world to see.  The Blackhawks were blitzed in the first period just like the 3rd period in Game #2 and the Blackhawks didn’t have an answer and now trail 3 games to 1 in the best of seven series.

The Blackhawks had a real shot being the first team since 1998 to win Back To Back Stanley Cups and yet they have reached the brink of extinction. Coach Joel Quenneville is set to go down with the ship with the guys that won him the 2013 Stanley Cup, but the problem is that none of this years players are playing close to their 2013 level.

The target for most fans has to be Michal Handzus who only found the ice for less than 5 minutes on Monday night, but one of his good characteristics was being part of the PK that shut down man advantages, well the LA Kings powerplay is killing our penalty kill so scratch that one.  I know it’s a killer not winning it with your guys but there are fresh legs on the bench that could be used instead of wearing white shirts at practice.

The other person that is just a shell of his 2013 player is Michal Rozsival. Rozsival didn’t play in 5 consecutive games but once all season long in a rotation with Sheldon Brookbank, Michael Kostka, and David Rundblad but here he is in every game looking older and slower by the second.

Wayne Gretzky called the Hawks a Dynasty team if they won the Stanley Cup but guess what they haven’t won a game since that declaration from the Great One.  The Hawks have always found a way or found a new way to win so will they find their way in this series or fade away like the San Jose Sharks and Anaheim Ducks did earlier in this postseason.

History is a strange course it glorifies people that didn’t deserve it and crushes others.  History wants to celebrate a team for winning in a new era of salary caps and non stop social media, but will this Hawks team that has been there and done that be able to find that Heart of a Champion one more time for a historic comeback to make it back to the Finals or has there eulogy already been written.

History is still there for the taking will Jonathan Toews lead them or will this just be another good Chicago team that comes up short.  Michael Jordan is the greatest winner to ever wear a jersey in Chicago and the Captain is right there behind him this is the type of task that could catapult him past #23 in annals of history!!

Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying!!!

Let’s Turn This Around!

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  • Lloyd A Brodnax

    Keith nice article. You’ve been reading my comments since the LSC Playoffs started and I’ve been fairly consistent relative to my comments pertaining to scratching Handzus, Rosival, Leddy, Bollig, and Versteeg. The one time, well actually 2(games) Rosival was scratched was v. Wild and our Hawks won games 5&6 (Bollig was serving his 2-games suspension, checkmate that series ended. And our Hawks advanced onto the WCF v. Kings and even b4 and after Game #1, I was still harping on scratching the same individuals, particularly, Handzus and Rosival, mainly because as you very well put it–they are shells of their former selves that contributed in our attaining the Cup. But Coach Q and his Stubborness and fascination with Handzus and Rosival is mind-blowing, particularly at this point in the series down 3-1 to the Kings. What will Coach Q do now? Can’t lose anymore games this series. Does he stay with them and hope they can recapture some ageless magic or does he scratch them and give us some much needed speed which also brings scoring opportunities with the likes of Morin, Nordstrom (albeit he’s a loose cannon out there but he never quits), and hopefully he’ll keep Regin in play! Coach Q is being outcoached at this point…will he get his mojo back and make some moves that are long overdue? One period, one shift, one-game at a time Hawks… Now let’s roll in Game #5 at the MADHOUSE on MADISON!