Dec 20, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; Vancouver Canucks center Ryan Kesler (17) scores the game-winning goal against Chicago Blackhawks goalie Antti Raanta (31) during overtime at the United Center. The Canucks won 3-2 in the shootout. Mandatory Credit: Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

Blackhawks Trade Rumors: Ryan Kesler Rumor Won’t Go Away

When the Chicago Blackhawks entered the 2014 trade deadline the biggest name and rumor was that Ryan Kesler was headed to the Chicago Blackhawks and of course even though no matter how many times people said that Stan Bowman wouldn’t give up a King’s ransom for Kesler the rumor never faded away until the trade deadline passed.  With the NHL draft right around the corner guess who’s back?? Ryan Kelser rumors are back!

In Stan Bowman’s press conference he said there wouldn’t be too many changes, but one thing is for certain that the Blackhawks need a 2nd line center unless you are ready to settle on Andrew Shaw between Patrick Kane and Brandon Saad which well worked pretty well against the Los Angeles Kings.

The Blackhawks aren’t making this trade for the same reasons at the draft than they didn’t pull the trigger at the deadline, because it will take entirely too much to get him such as a Johnny Oduya, pick your bottom six forward or a prospect and a draft pick which is way too much for a guy that is injury prone.

The reason to hope that Stan Bowman pulls this off is the way that Kesler and Kane looked playing together in Sochi last February.  They looked to click right away which is the reason that the rumor will not go away due to a case of How great would this be to have a talented 2nd line center something that the Blackhawks fans caught a glimpse in the final 3 games of the Kings series after Joel Quenneville finally go Michal Handzus away from #88.

The trade rumor factory is now open and it should be a fun ride for all of us to take even though most of it will be more of a fantasy trade rumor than anything that has real legs to it. The Kesler rumor is one that feels nothing like reality but a midsummer’s dream.

What Do You Think About the Kesler rumor?

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  • LT

    Nice pipe dream, Stan is a horrible GM period. Most won’t agree, but you look at guys he signs or trades for and pretty much thought last years team minus frolik and stalberg would do it. As we watch Kings/Rangers finals we know this experiment didn’t work. 1st failure: bickells success in LY playoffs lands him fourth highest paid forward on roster. This ones pretty simple Stan if it sounds to good to be true….it probably is, bickell should all season that he is not worthy of that contract. 2nd failure: needed solid D man, signed rosival hoped and prayed Leddy would step up and brookbank could fill in, although Sheldon played ok other two were a disaster. 3rd failure handzeus brought back to be second line center…enough said. Fourth failure, not letting young guys step in fill in, short stints for perri, Hayes, and morin all fairly success especially Morin but Q stubbornness to let them learn made this team tired in playoffs. Fifth failure, bringing back Versteeg to bring energy and scoring punch to lineup? Stan can’t live in past, steeper is washed up! Last failure with goalie equipment rule changes rewarding Crawford with big contract and saying he’s our guy, you thought Niemi was product of system and not worthy of a raise and yet Crawford was….oops that didn’t work out to well did it Stan. Now you say no big changes to the roster…sure makes sense, go in with same basic roster, hey maybe you can bring havlat back too, maybe eager and burish too? This team needs fresh legs and youth, not a major retool, but some hard tough decisions, Hossa might be time to dangle him for big center for Kane, like maybe Thorton, maybe seabrook too? We need tougher D seabrook looked lost without Keith, phanuaf might be too expensive, keep oduya, young mobile and can play at both ends, maybe seabs for letang? This same roster won’t do it, and Kane and Toews are not getting younger.

    • ŦẉỏẾẙәᵴ

      Your analysis is garbage.

      • LT


    • Nathan Erbach

      Oduya isn’t young, and Hossa is way too valuable to dangle around. I understand wanting a center, but Hossa is not how you bring one in. Seabrook has one bad series, and now everyone is calling for his head? Keep Seabs, and put him back with Keith next season. He is a top 10-15 defenseman in hockey. Hawks have a bevy of young blue-line and forward depth/talent. Morin, TT, Hartman, Danault, Mcneil, Hayes (if he signs), Clendening, Dahlbeck, and Johns. Shit, you even throw in Saad, Shaw, Smith, etc. in there. Kane and Toews will both only be 26 going into next season! You can’t say Oduya is young, and then say Kane and Toews aren’t getting any younger.

      I agree that signing Bickell to that big a contract was probably an overreaction, but I fully believe he was signed for future playoff production, and fill a Big Buff type of role. Bowman had to trade players, because of salary cap constraints, and guys like Ladd and Buff were due for a big pay day, that the Hawks could not afford. The goal was to keep the core intact (Kane, Toews, Hossa, Sharp, Keith, and Seabrook)

      One last thing, good goalies don’t just go on trees, and even though Crawford is not in the upper tier elite goalie conversation, he is in that very next tier. He has his weaknesses, but when all is said and done, I trust him to play well. That is something he has proven time and time again.

  • HawksFans Anonymous

    “Stan Bowman wouldn’t give up a King’s ransom for Kesler….” I see what you did there.

  • Dingo

    They didn’t mention that another reason why Kesler isn’t going to the Hawks is that the Canucks don’t want him to go to a rival…

    • Keith Schultz

      Good point!