A Statistical Look Back at the 2013-2014 Chicago Blackhawks Defensemen

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Corsi For Percentage
Michal Rozsival15652.9%
Nick Leddy14551.4%
Johnny Oduya25748.3%
Duncan Keith471148.1%
Brent Seabrook3121547.1%
Niklas Hjalmarsson04446.7%
Sheldon Brookbank02246.3%

A ha!

It’s clear that the play of the Hawks’ defensemen took a step back, during the playoffs.  In their defense, though, every playoff game is played against elite competition, unlike in the regular season when teams both good and bad are on the schedule.

Overall, the numbers aren’t awful.

Michal Rozsival played some of the softer competition and received some of the best zone starts, which is why his CF% is the highest.  He certainly wasn’t spectacular, during the post-season.

Coach Q’s benching of Nick Leddy is as much of a head-scratcher today as it was when it happened.  Leddy’s patience and quality play on the Power Play are an asset to the Hawks.  Sure, he made his mistakes, but he was hardly alone, amongst his fellow blueliners.

Johnny Oduya flashed some of his offensive flare, during the playoffs, that he didn’t really do in the regular season.  The below 50% CF% is largely due to his zone starts.  It was a pretty solid post-season, for Oduya.

Duncan Keith and Brent Seabrook’s defensive play definitely was not at it’s best, during the playoffs.  However, both put up big offensive numbers, in the playoffs.

Niklas Hjalmarsson’s defensive play was a little off, but he didn’t pick up offensively to make it for the set-back, during the playoffs.

Sheldon Brookbank’s utility role must not be easy.  All things considered, he played pretty well, in his limited playoff time.  It’s unfair to expect too much from him.

After an excellent regular season, the Hawks’ defensemen were off a little bit.  They certainly weren’t awful, but they didn’t give the Hawks the tremendous boost that they normally did during the regular season.  They had their moments, but even when they were off, they weren’t the only reason the Hawks aren’t able to hoist Lord Stanley’s Cup, this year.

It was still a great season, and they will be back next season.

Go Hawks!



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  • Lloyd A Brodnax

    Brian.. First allow me 2comment on the Stanley Cup Finals…the Kings are up 3-0… I know anything is possible but the epitome of an exciting and competitive SC FINALS happened last year with Bruins v. Blackhawks… Moreover, albeit our Hawks came up short in the WCF, that was the SCF… The Eastern Conference can’t compete with the WC at present and I don’t see that changing anytime soon…one exception may be the Bruins?

  • Lloyd A Brodnax

    Seabrook needs to work on his defensive lapses; Rosival should be traded, as he’s a shell of former self; Leddy needs a permanent partner “vice” different pairings, and the Others just need 2recommit, work on their shortcomings (if applicable).. Go Hawks.. P.S. Coach Q needs 2bring up some of our big, tough D-Men from Rockford and get them battle ready and tested as opposed 2giving up on them like in the case of Pirri and hopefully not Morin!!!

  • LT

    Couldn’t agree more, rosy gotta go, I differ on Leddy, he looked like a stud in college, but has not made that transition in NHL, his defensive lapses kill me, he’s not physical either so he is weak by the net pushing guys out of slot. I think Keith was great , but hammer and oduya were amazing this year!all talk of trading him unless you get a top tier center makes zero sence, Hossa was like casper in playoffs, tough decisions that maybe bowman had better ask daddy for help!