May 29, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Blackhawks right wing Patrick Kane (88) and right wing Marian Hossa (81) and center Jonathan Toews (19) head to the ice before game seven of the second round of the 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs against the Detroit Red Wings at the United Center. Mandatory Credit: Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

Reports: Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews to receive 10.8 annually.

On June 26th TSN’s Bob McKenzie reported that Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews initial contract demands were 12 million per year. Blackhawks General Manager has said on numerous occasions that the Blackhawks will sign both Kane and Toews. As of five days ago reports out of the Blackhawks camp were that the negotiations were “ongoing” between the two sides (Kane and Toews have the same agent).

People have speculated that the both Kane and Toews were likely to get the largest contracts in NHL history. They were likely to get somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 million per year.

WSCR hockey reporter Jay Zawaski tweeted about their contracts. Jay states that David Kaplan of 87.7/CSN is reporting that the Kane and Toews deal will be reportedly make around 10.8 million per year. 10.8 million Per year would make Kane and Toews the highest paid players in the NHL.

If the reports are true then Kane and Toews would be the highest paid players in NHL history. While other players would make more money next season, Kane and Toews contract would have the highest annual contract value. in the NHL.  An example a player of making more money than Kane and Toews next season would be Shea Weber. Shea Weber is due 14 million dollars next season but because his deal extends to 2025-26 at a total of 110 million. The annual value of his deal is only 7,857,143. My math skills aren’t great but 10.8 is higher than 7,857,143,

Both the Blackhawks and Kane/Toews agent are counting on the salary cap increasing ever year for the foreseeable future. As right now the 10.8 million dollar is just speculation. Once we get confirmed reports we will let everyone know.

In other news the Blackhawks hired Jimmy Waite ,former Blackhawks goalie,  as their new goalie coach. He is the brother of Stephan Waite.

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  • David Shaw

    Toews deserves the money but Kane is a one-demensional player that was streaky in the playoffs

    • Mark Anthony Guido

      Streaky? Did you watch the playoffs? He was the most clutch player in there. 4 game winners and single-handedly took over game 6 vs LA. Hes is, if not the most clutch hockey player of this generation, and that’s not even hype. Toews is the face of this franchise, and Kane is the superstar. Their is no Batman and Robin, its is Batman and Batman with these two players.

      PS. Kane defense was actually pretty solid this year, and hes only going to get better. That’s whats scary.

      • Sean Fitzgerald

        Thanks for the comment, I agree both players will get paid.

      • David Shaw

        He went 3 games without a point in the Minnesota series and went the first 3 games without a point against LA. There’s a difference between streaky and clutch.

        • Mark Anthony Guido

          If you want to talk about Patrick being streaky, I think you’re referring Patrick Sharp. Kane’s showed up when he needs to, which is the latter half of playoff series when clinching is on the line and it matters most. The guy thrives for big pressure situation, that’s what super stars do, step up during the most crucial moments. He breaks your heart and puts teams way. Hes been able to contribute at such a high level, even with a carousel of centers rotating in an out of his line, not necessarily knowing whos going to be centering you night in an night out and to still be able to do what he does, is pretty amazing in itself.

          • David Shaw

            He’s one of the best players in the league and I agree with you, he does step it up in clutch situations. But he’s not worth more than what Crosby, and malkin are making. At the most he’s worth 7.5-8 mil.

  • lizmcneill

    Anaheim, Pittsburgh and Toronto got huge home discounts with their guys signing last year in that case. Wouldn’t 10M have made them happy? That’s a whole extra depth player (eg Ben’s on 1.5M).

  • Jim Daniels

    Shea Weber’s deal is $110 Billion?!?!

  • BrooklynMMA

    “If the reports are true then Kane and Toews would be the highest paid players in NHL history”

    That’s not true at all. Jagr signed a 7 year $77 million contract with the Capitals. $11 million AAV. There are a couple of other players that have contracts with AAV’s higher than $10.8 as well.

  • ende

    Kane will sit this one out, sign with his hometown in 2015.

    • Sean Fitzgerald

      Thank you for the comment, they will both sign the same deal.