Report: Kane’s cabbie a drunken buffoon

By Jeffrey Bartl

The Buffalo News reports that Jan Radecki, 62, did not have a valid driver’s license at the time of the alleged attack by Patrick Kane and his cousin.

Forgetting the fact that Radecki’s picture to the right exceeds the highest level on the Unintentional Comedy Scale, this idiot has been driving around citizens of Buffalo without a liscense since it was revoked in February 1999. AND the city of Buffalo licensed him for another cab in 2003 — without a license.

All of this after Radecki was convicted of two DUIs within five months.

Can this situation get anymore ridiculous? Maybe that’s why Radecki’s lawyer said this whole situation is overblown — he’s trying to deter attention from his client to keep his mouth shut.

So let’s update this saga: Unlicensed cabbie who drives drunk regularly, picks up unsuspecting Kane cousins, locks them in over a $13.80 fare, somehow manages to provoke a millionaire to get pissed over 20 cents, gets punched in the face a few times and makes a 20-year-old sweetheart of a kid look like a badass. Got it.

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