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Throwin’ Spray: Linking the Patrick Kane saga

By Jeffrey Bartl

Throwin’ Spray, a phrase from “Here Come the Hawks” and title of the semi-daily post on, will feature quick-hitting Chicago Blackhawks- and NHL-related news and links. Today, Blackhawk Up takes a look around the Blogsphere at the Patrick Kane saga.

First, the sports world found out that Blackhawks’ baby-faced winger Patrick Kane was arrested in an altercaton with a cab driver in Buffalo.

Then, the cab driver went on record with comments that Kane and his cousin assulted him over 20 cents in change he didn’t have.

Third, the cabbie’s lawyer said the situation was overblown.

Then, it comes out that the cab driver didn’t even have a valid license at the time of the incident because of two prior DUI convictions.

Now, both lawyers are agreeing that Kane did not violate the law.

This has all happened since Sunday morning. I’ve made my opinions on the matter pretty clear, so here’s what everyone else is thinking:

— Kaner has been convicted in the court of public opinion — and nowhere else. (Puck Daddy)

— Now that BOTH lawyers say Kane’s done little wrong, Ryan Corazza thinks we all need to take a step back from this whole situation. (Mouthpiece Sports)

Matthew Dirt disects the ESPN1000 interview with Kane’s lawyer, Paul Cambria. (Second City Hockey)

“The Columnist Who Shall Remain Nameless” chimes in on Kane. (The Fifth Feather)

— Grand Theft Auto: Buffalo (Hockee Night)