Kane looks the (wrong) part

By Jeffrey Bartl

Patrick Kane didn’t say much during his first public appearance since his arrest in Buffalo. Frankly, there wasn’t much he could say because of the ongoing legal proceedings.

But it was a much different Kane than Blackhawks fans are used to seeing, as the Tribune’s Chris Kuc points out. The perpetual innocence in his look disappeared with the guilt of a battered image, and Kane’s boyish look sat buried under custom-taylored clothing in hopes of showing maturity. He attempted to rebuild his image with a suit and tie.

Fact of the matter is, Kane is guilty of putting himself in a no-win position, being out until 4 a.m. and riding in a public cab rather hiring a driver for the night. That mistake would have been just as bad if a 35-year-old veteran were in the same position. It’s not a mistake Kane is a 20-year-old with acne who can’t grow facial hair.

But it seemed as if he was trying to hide that by looking professional, talking matter-of-factly and walking away from the podium without taking questions. The scene would have been more fitting if Kane, dressed in his USA sweater and holding his stick, walked to the podium on skates before practice and did the same thing. He would have looked like a kid going to play some hockey rather than a defendant due in court.

Kane did the right thing by staying after practice to sign autographs, knowing he has a long way to go in order to rebuild his image. That’s what fans needed to see — the sweet boy giving kids not much younger than him what they wanted.

The suit, tie and gelled hair? That’s not you, Kaner. He needs to get back to being himself rather than “looking the part.”

UPDATE: Kane, cousin to reach plea deal, according to the Buffalo News

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