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Throwin’ Spray: An NHL Haikreview

By Jeffrey Bartl

Throwin’ Spray, a phrase from “Here Come the Hawks” and title of the semi-daily post on, will feature quick-hitting Chicago Blackhawks- and NHL-related news and links. This episode previews each NHL team — in haiku format.

Sometimes, watching hockey truly is poetry in motion. After reading the tweets of @TheBearsInHaiku, I got some inspiration for this post. I decided to preview 30 NHL teams with 30 unique haikus, staying true to the 5-7-5 syllable rule.  Everyone in the blogsphere will have their previews, so I thought I would throw in a twist and veer away from the norm. Without further ado…

Anaheim Ducks
Eighth-seeded upstart
Bobby Ryan has emerged
“Mighty” Ducks again?

Atlanta Thrashers
My name is Ilya
Management doesn’t help me
Can we win games, please?

Boston Bruins
Game Seven stunner
Got rocked by a Hurricane
Still one of East’s best

Buffalo Sabres
Count on Ryan Miller
Injuries cost them playoffs
Need to stay healthy

Calgary Flames
Picked up Bouwmeester
But Flame burns with Iginla
Will miss Cammalleri

Carolina Hurricanes
Surprise playoff run
Can they carry momentum?
Now’s not time to Staal

Chicago Blackhawks
Pat beat up cabbie
Hossa investigated
Won’t matter one bit

Colorado Avalanche
A brand new GM
Plus a spankin’ new head coach
Equals no more mess?

Columbus Blue Jackets
Nash got big contract
Young Mason won the Calder
Jackets on the rise

Dallas Stars
Modano’s last round?
Crawford now behind the bench
Veterans drive team

Detroit Red Wings
Wings on the decline?
Everyone keeps saying that
Still the team to beat

Edmonton Oilers
Got spurned by Heatley
But built Khabibulan Wall
Hoping to regroup

Florida Panthers
Just missed the playoffs
And now have a revamped team
Still optimistic

Los Angeles Kings
Held first Hockey Fest
There is hockey in L.A.
Kings need to prove it

Minnesota Wild
Spent big for Havlat
Lost Marian Gaborik
Is that improvement?

Montreal Canadians
High expectations
For Habs after tough season
And are a safe bet

Nashville Predators
The team is aging
With no true starting goalie
Headed toward last place

New Jersey Devils
Brought back Jacque Lemaire
From past Stanley Cup glory
But lost key players

New York Islanders
Tavares gets hype
But Isles have nothing else
On that crappy team

New York Rangers
Back to big spending
To bring Gaborik on board
Hoping for big things

Ottawa Senators
Unhappy Heatley
Says he’ll play out his contract
But is still an ass

Philadelphia Flyers
Sexy pick to win
By acquiring Pronger
To bolster defense

Phoenix Coyotes
Big off-season Clash
“Should I stay or should I go?”
NHL says “stay”

Pittsburgh Penguins
Sid the Kid brought Cup
Malkin added heroics
But can they repeat?

San Jose Sharks
Crushing first-round loss
President of West needs to
Step it up come playoff time

St. Louis Blues
Young and talented
Looking to make move in tough
And loaded Central

Tampa Bay Lightening
Cut off The Mullet
Rolled dice in free agency
For coach Gambler

Toronto Maple Leafs
Burke rebuilding team
And it’s all about defense
To instill toughness

Vancouver Canucks
I hate the Sedins
I hate the Sedins a lot
Can’t stand the Sedins

Washington Capitals
Ovechkin thinks sex
Helps before and after games
I tend to agree

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