Throwin’ Spray: Your questions for Jim Cornelison

By Jeffrey Bartl

I am very pleased to announce Jim Cornelison, the man who brings you every eardrum-shattering rendition of the National Anthem before Blackhawks games, has granted Blackhawk Up an interview to be shared with the readers. His interview will be included in my upcoming post taking a look back at the tradition behind the loud cheering during the anthem, which began at the old Chicago Stadium.

Through Saturday afternoon, I wanted to give the readers a chance to ask Jim a question and have him respond. There is no gurantee he will answer your question, but it can’t hurt to send one over. I will present all the questions I receive to him Saturday afternoon. Post them in the comments section here, or email your question to me at

A couple other announcements:

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Yahoo! Puck Daddy blog editor Greg Wyshynski asked me to participate in his Blackhawks preview with a short testimonial about the upcoming season. Look for that in the coming days.

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