Kaner is my hero. And yes, Huet is still the starter.

By Jeffrey Bartl

How come Steve Rosendouche hasn’t posted a blog yet about how Antti Niemi should replace Cristobal Huet as the starting goalie? I mean, Huet wasn’t a superstar yesterday and Niemi helped the Blackhawks to a 4-0 shutout victory over the Florida Panthers today. Isn’t it logical that, two games into the season, we start lobbying for a new goalie, even though the Blackhawks came out with three out of four possible points in Finland?

Let’s not get all twisted up here. Yes, Niemi played a good, solid game today. He stopped every shot he faced and prevent a couple more with his poke checks of Florida’s centering passes. But if you strapped a couple of big pillows on my legs and gave me a catchers glove and a Jason mask, I could have won this game. Not to take anything away from Niemi, but Florida was dominated today and it wasn’t because of him. So please, stop creating a goaltender controversy — there isn’t one.

Now, onto why Patrick Kane is my hero. I know you’re all going to be twisting my nipples when the kid goes into a slump at some point in the season, but Kane is going to be a 40-goal scorer and may hit the 90-point mark this season. He scored four points in the two games in Finland, notching a goal and an assist in each. With all the off-season bullshit, I’m so happy to see him going nuts to start the season.

Brian Campbell scored two points today — one power-play goal and one spin-o-rama. Patrick Sharp came away with three points for the weekend, as did Dustin Byfuglien and Brent Seabrook, who made up for pissing me off yesterday with a couple assists today.

The whole team looked good, from Brent Sopel on down. There’s not much else to say. These were the Blackhawks we wanted to see yesterday, but I’ll more than willingly take it today. Let’s just hope we can bring this momentum back to the States — especially Thursday in Detroit. Be sure to check out Blackhawk Link-Up tomorrow morning for a recap from around the blogsphere.

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