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Blackhawk Link-Up: “I said, ‘Boy am I ugly.'”

By Jeffrey Bartl

Blackhawk Link-Up will recap each Chicago Blackhawks game with links from around the Blackhawks blogsphere and views from the opposition’s coverage. Look for it the morning after each Blackhawks game.

I saw Jerry Seinfeld’s stand-up act last night at the Rosemont Theater, so I felt the need to throw in a quote — one relating to the interminable dross that was most of the Blackhawks 4-3 shootout victory against the Colorado Avalanche. By the way, I watched the game over at Cans in Wicker Park before the Seinfeld show on a TV as big as a DVD case with a bunch of Michigan fans as they cheered unsuccessfully against Iowa. I went to Duncan Keith’s alma mater…

But it was fitting, as I feel bad for anyone else who watched this game. I mean, even the damn shootout was ugly. So when I was the only one out of about 450 people standing and clapping after Cam Barker’s goal, it seemed normal. Who else would want to watch that shit anyway? Nine rounds in a shootout? Cristobal Huet actually looking decent in said shootout? Wild, wild stuff.

But hey, we’ll take the two points, right? Especially after this ridiculous red carpet entrance bullshit that needs to stop (Eddie Olczyk voice) EEEEE-mediately. Though I do have to say, seeing Bobby Hull, Stan Mikita, Tony Espisito and Dennis Savard decked out in full gear was awesome. Here’s what everyone else had to say:

Chicago’s view:

  • Speaking of the red carpet entrance, the only time this shit should happen again is if Jonathan Toews is carrying the Stanley Cup. (Second City Hockey)
  • No matter how handsome Patrick Sharp is, he looked like dog shit last night. Nice comparison to Titanic. (Hockee Night)
  • To confirm the point made in this link, those were actually boos when Huet was announced at the beginning of the game. People, it’s the fourth fucking game. Remember that Nikoli Khabibulin signed a 3-year deal and mainly sucked for two of them. But we give Huet a shootout loss and a loss to the defending Western Conference champions as our only evidence to run him out of town. Grow up. (Fifth Feather)
  • And that leads me to this column by the Trib’s David Haugh eluding to all the marketing gimmicks that have brought sellout hockey back to Chicago, which in turn could make Blackhawks game like Wrigley Field II — (mostly) uneducated fans cheering for clothes and beer. And I’m a Cubs fan, so take that as you wish. You know what, I’m going to write more on this later. (Tribune)

Colorado’s view:

  • The Denver Post’s Adrian Dater mentions that if the Avalanche expect to win close games, Paul Stastny can’t keep going pointless. (All Things Avs)
  • Apparently, Tomas Kopecky was “mugging” Chris Anderson and his “nonsense” wasn’t being called all night. Maaahhhh. (Mile High Hockey)
  • Are we really going to have to hear this 20-cent bullshit all season long? (Avs Talk)

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