Happy Hawkoween!: Blackhawks 3, Habs 2

By Jeffrey Bartl

Patrick “Razor” Sharp scored the game-winning goal with 4:50 left off a B-E-A-utiful pass from Patrick “Citizen” Kane. Yet, that wasn’t the best part of the night.

Jonathan “Head, Shoulders, Knees and” Toews and Adam “Bloodbath” Burish were dressed in orange and sky-blue suits, respectively, and were shown on the scoreboard screen toward the end of the contest. I laughed my ass off. For you idiots, that’s a Dumb and Dumber costume.

The Blackhawks 3-2 win against the Montreal Les Habitants was rather unexpected after the Canadiens scored a weak goal with 2.4 seconds left in the second period. But Sharp’s goal had the UC rocking heading into Halloween, and the ‘Hawks moved to a robust 8-4-1 on the season. And since I’m pretty much drunk writing this, I must have had a good time.

If I haven’t mentioned it already, I am a Kris Versteeg fan. My boy scored the first goal of the game then assisted on “Hidden” Cam Barker’s goal which put the ‘Hawks up 2-0. By the way, Barker broke his stick on that goal and still got enough power behind it to beat Carey “The” Price “Is Wrong, Bitch”. Barker also got credited with an assist on Sharp’s game-winner.

The big discussion during intermission was Andrew “Oh he’s just a wee” Ladd’s game-misconduct, open-ice hit on Matt D’Agostini in which he may have left his feet, but hit him with his shoulder. Ladd was called for elbowing, given a 5-minute penalty and sent to the showers. Whatever.

And why the hell is Hal Gill allowed to play hockey? He’s an oak tree on stilts. Anyway, whatever.

Cristobal Huet gave a decent showing, giving up a goal to Mike Cammalleri he didn’t have much of a chance on and the goal at the end of the 2nd. Overall, Huet made 20 saves in his fourth consecutive start and did enough to earn the victory.

Well, I’m off to drink more beer and celebrate this victory. Hope you enjoyed the Halloween names, and I’m tossing in Byfuglien “The Vampire Slayer” just because I thought it was a great name and wasn’t able to use it because he didn’t do much tonight.

Go ‘Hawks and Happy Hawkoween!

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