Idiot Roadwatch: ‘Hawks vs. Wild Puppy Dogs

By Jeffrey Bartl

Idiot Roadwatch: Whirlaway, 3224 W. Fullerton Ave.
Attendees: Second City Hockey, Hockee Night, Indian Head Nation, This Guy

That’s right, folks. The idiots making up the Blackhawks Blogsphere will all be in one establishment serving alcohol, and in my Dad’s favorite bar of all places. If you’ve read any of our blogs, you’re already well-informed of the fact there’s going to be cursing, drinking (except Fork) and stupid jokes surrounding some pretty quality hockey analysis. If this sounds like a bad time to you, then I hope your masturbation session turns out well.

Myself and the attendees listed above invite you to join us at the Whirlaway in Logan Square to watch the ‘Hawks take on the Hamilton NHL Phoenix Jets Wild Puppy Dogs Coyotes. And before you start twisting someone’s nipples over the fact Phoenix has more points than us, they’ve played three more games. So relax.

The good news is the Puppies are coming off a 4-1 loss to Colorado and its back-up goaltender who just had H1N1. Ilya Bryzgalov looked asleep at the wheel on a couple Avs goals, and I’m sure when he watches the tape he’ll vomit a little in his mouth. Bryzgalov sat back in the crease and failed to challenge shots most of the night. Let’s hope the trend continues tonight.

Still, Bryzgalov boasts a 1.78 GAA thus far and Shane Doan leads the Puppies with 12 points. But Phoenix has lost two straight after a three-game winning streak and is facing the Blackhawks in the second game of a back-to-back. I’m going with the ‘Hawks in this one in front of an official Arena attendance of 312. I think the Whirlaway holds 350 legally and the beer is cheaper.

There’s a chance Jonathan Toews plays tonight for the first time since Oct. 21, but my roommate seems to think one day on the ice isn’t enough, and maybe he’ll play against Colorado on Friday. We’ll have to see what the people with press credentials tell us throughout the day.

A couple things need to be discussed:

  • The power play. Please, for the love of all that is holy, get this thing figured out. Q has had almost a week to tinker with this and watch tape of this atrociousness to put better lines on the ice.
  • Tomas Kopecky’s existance. If I knew he was going to play like this, I would have let Detroit keep him with no argument.
  • Despite his two goals against Montreal, Patrick Sharp has been invisible of late.
  • John Madden is awesome, I am a Kris Versteeg fan and Patrick Kane continues to impress me.
  • I was going to post something about all the trade buzz surrounding the Blackhawks, but Tim Sassone and Second City Hockey did a good job covering it. I’m not going to get caught up in something that a blog no better than this has reported. This guy could be sitting naked in his garage soaked in gasoline lighting matches for all we know.
  • Go to the damn Whirlaway.

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