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Upcoming Puckcast: Blackhawk Up and HockeeNight

By Jeffrey Bartl

Once again, I’ll have the privilage of being a guest on the Hockee Night PUCKCAST to chat hockey with the always entertaining Forklift and CT. This glorious event will take place Sunday at 8pm Central, after I’ve been tailgating and watching the Bears vs. Cardinals game from my 4th-row box seat at Soldier Field. Sounds dangerous.

CT has been fighting the flu, and judging by his recent posts this could be a curse-fest. Actually, it was probably going to turn out that way anyway. Who are we kidding?

If you missed the last PUCKCAST I participated in, click below to get an idea of what’s in store for Sunday. To listen live, go to and scroll down the left sidebar. If you miss the big widget, you’re an idiot. Happy listening!