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Bolland out 3-4 months; RosenDouche chimes in

By Jeffrey Bartl

I’m feeling a mixture of emotions right now. I am very happy Dave Bolland had surgery to repair the herniated disc that’s been bothering him since last season. However, I am very upset to be losing our No. 2 center for a good portion of the season.

As HockeeNight and myself discussed on Sunday’s PUCKCAST, a decision needed to be made one way or another — either we continue to shoot him up with cortisone so he can play, go on a week-to-week basis depending on the pain, or shelve him for a chunk of the season, but get him fully healthy. And I think Bolland and the ‘Hawks made the right decision here.

Sam over at Second City Hockey wonders who is going to fill his spot on the second line, and he makes a great point that Patrick Sharp’s name needs to be mentioned more often for this job. He had success there last season despite his qualms, and this may also give him a chance to be a not-so-invisible, shoot-the-damn-puck-on-net player again.

Of course, Steve RosenDouche chimed in on the subject just to piss me off. The genius is too lazy to use the power of the Internets to look up something very easy to find and attested, “I don’t know how much the Hawks have under the cap…” Nice work, jackass. Please remind us all why you get paid.

Anyway, aside from RosenDouche giving his two cents on a sport he seems to not know shit about, the idea of bringing in Peter Forsberg is bad. Get it out of your heads. We’re talking about a 36-year-old, notoriously injury-prone player. Granted, he had a hell of a career and won a couple of Stanley Cups. But this idea is no good, mainly because it doesn’t solve our problem — Forsberg is not a natural center.

Anyway, hopefully Bolland will be well rested and back to form come playoff time. He’ll be missed, especially with the potentially ass-raping schedule coming up.

See you at the UC tomorrow for the third showdown and next 15 rounds of a shootout between the ‘Hawks and Falling Snow Pile.

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