Sidney Crosby out for showdown with Blackhawks

By Jeffrey Bartl

Looks like we’re going to have to wait another year (or more) to watch Jonathan Toews and Sidney Crosby meet in the face-off circle. Crosby is scratched with a sore vagina and out for tonight’s showdown when the Blackhawks face the Penguins in Pittsburgh.

With the way the ‘Hawks played last night against the Nashville Hicks with Sticks, it might be a good thing the ‘Hawks don’t have to face one of the best players in the league. Suddenly, the Predators are within three points of the Blackhawks in the Central Division. To put that in perspective, I told my Dad about the slim margin in the standings and his response was: “Nashville? Nashville has a hockey team? Jesus fucking Christ.” So there.

Despite Nashville’s four unanswered goals and Jay Cutler-esque decision making with the puck, we got to see one f-ing ridiculous goal by Toews:

When the goal song came on, I didn’t even clap. I stood there with my jaw dropped, which was then followed by numerous curses and f-bombs. Then I dropped more f-bombs during awful play that followed.

Thank God we don’t have to see that damn trap defense tonight, but you better believe the rest of the NHL is going to realize the Blackhawks can’t figure it out and it completely takes the ‘Hawks out of their game.

Anyway, it would be a hell of a way to bounce back if the ‘Hawks can get a victory against the defending Stanley Cup champions on the champs’ home ice. Take a look at that banner, fellas. It’s your “One Goal.”

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