No Fun League puts kibosh on ‘Hawks/Bears campaign

By Jeffrey Bartl

The NFL offices are run by a bunch of money-grubbing assholes. This isn’t a surprise. But this just takes the cake. And they wonder why people call the NFL the No Fun League.

The jackasses decided to ruin a great marketing campaign which the Blackhawks and Bears teamed up to create. The most popular team in town and the up-and-coming championship contender in the city made a great tandem, filming humorous commercials which supported each other. Now? Bubkes.

Even though the Blackhawks paid for the commercial filming and also planned to pay for the TV time to air them, the NFL ended it with their bullshit of logo trademarks and cross-sport promotion rules.

The NFL might be the current most popular sport, and I indulge in football just as much as the next guy. But we’re eating right out of the NFL’s hand while in pursuit of its “One Goal,” if I may — make as much money as we can without giving two shits about what the fans actually want.

Home blackouts, TV broadcast rules… now this. It would have been a great thing for the fans of Chicago to see the ‘Hawks and Bears mingling together for a good cause. Thanks, NFL. You bunch of assholes.

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