And on the 11th day, he returned to Buffalo

By Jeffrey Bartl

I’m wondering how this is going to play out. How will the fans treat him?

Returning to Buffalo can’t be easy. After all, he spent the better part of his life there. He grew as a hockey player while living in the city. There was a point in time when he couldn’t see himself wearing any other sweater than that of the Sabres.

The worst part is that everyone knows he’s coming. He circled this game on the calendar before the season started. He left the city on terms many should understand: To do the best thing for the future of his career. Now that he’s wearing an opposing team’s sweater in their building, will Sabres fans give him the cold shoulder? Or will they appreciate the person he is and what he brought to the city while there?

Sure, he wasn’t perfect. Things went wrong, mistakes were made and people lost faith at one point or another. It’s merely human nature. Now he’s back, and it’s going to be interesting to see who of those people kept a spot in their heart for him.

It will be interesting, that’s for sure. I’m just hoping Brian Campbell doesn’t get too caught up in returning to Buffalo, a city that once embraced him.

Oh, and Patrick Kane gets to play in his hometown again. That should be neat.

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