Eh, it happens: ‘Hawks fall to Sharks; Commies tonight

By Jeffrey Bartl

I can’t remember the last time the ‘Hawks looked that good and lost. They’ve played much, much worse and won games I never would have expected they could. One might believe it to be a mystery.

Well, not quite. The Blackhawks outshot the Sharks 47-14 in last night’s 3-2 loss, but special teams sucked in every facet of the game and the Blackhawks’ shots, while staggering in number, were rather weak in comparison to San Jose’s.

The ‘Hawks were once again dogshit on the power play, going 0-for-7, and they allowed a short-handed goal to Joe Thornton off an errant pass Kris Versteeg made while wearing a blindfold. There’s no other explanation.

Cristobal Huetdidn’t exactly look fabulous, but he can hardly be blamed for the loss. It’s difficult not to think that when the shot differential is so outrageous and when Huet only made 11 saves on 14 total shots on net. As I said earlier, San Jose’s shot total didn’t boggle the mind, but the quality of those shots were much better than the Blackhawks’.

The back breaker came when the Sharks scored 20 seconds after Marian Hossa potted a goal to pull the ‘Hawks to within 2-1. Damnit.

The Western Conference lead was short-lived, but who really gives a shit. A game like this is allowed, especially since the ‘Hawks have been so good at home. It was bound to happen, and San Jose played the more consistent, all-around game. No real harm done. The ‘Hawks get a chance to bounce back tonight in Detroit against the Communists, who the ‘Hawks shutout 3-0 Sunday.

/begin rant

Yes, Dead Wings fans, I understand your team is all banged up and you’re running around calling yourselves the Grand Rapids Red Wings. But you know what? Tough shit. These games still count in the standings, this is still a bitter rivalry and you’re all still assholes no matter who’s on the ice. Get over it. Play the game with who you have and shut up. Just because your city can’t afford the electric bill to keep the street lights on and you have to use the light off the flames of the burning buildings to guide your way, it doesn’t mean you need to start being bitter and jealous that the Blackhawks are above you in the standings. Morons.

/end rant

With that said, I’m not completely confident going into tonight. The hell hole of Joe Louis Arena in that hell hole they call a city isn’t very nice to the Blackhawks. But barring any drastic turn of events and a possible hangover from last night’s game, there’s really no reason for me NOT to be confident. Call it pessimism.

Jimmy Howard should be in net tonight for the Communists since Chris Osgoodis dogshitagain. Despite Huet’s shutout Sunday against these jackasses, don’t be surprised if you see Antti Niemi for the second of these back-to-back games.


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