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You talk funny: Blackhawks vs. Bruins preview

By Jeffrey Bartl

One of my good friends from college is from Boston. He teaches English Second Language now. Tell me, how in the hell can you teach a language to people who don’t know it without having an ‘R’ in the alphabet? Not only that, but everyone from Boston abbreviates the teams’ nicknames. They’re not the Celtics, they’re the C’s. They’re not the Patriots, they’re the Pats. They’re not the Red Sox, they’re the Sawx. Whatever, he’s got a good looking sista.

Tonight, the Blackhawks travel to Beantown to face the B’s. They met at the UC on Dec. 18 and the ‘Hawks took two points after Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane undressed Tim Thomas in the shootout. That game was a stuggle, as were the two losses last season, and I have to say I’m a bit concerned about this one tonight.

Despite the Bruins skating without U.S. Olympian Patrice Bergeron, Milan Lucic and other, going on the road on the east coast scares the piss out of me for some reason. The Blackhawks are on fire, but there just HAS to be a wall on this road the ‘Hawks can’t avoid, right? Maybe not.

Marian Hossa has been farting fire balls lately with how hot he is, and Kaner is, well, he’s Kaner. As Sam at SCH points out, Antti Niemi will need to step up his game tonight after a couple of rough outings. That record looks a lot better than it would if he wasn’t wearing the Indian head and having a disgusting defense in front of him. He’s a hell of a goaltender, but he’s been getting away with shit lately. The red-hot Thomas should be in net tonight for the B’s.

Puck drop is at 6 p.m. central time, which means my internet browser at work will be up in full force. And since my computer at home is a pile of dog shit because of all the viruses, I’ll see you tomorrow. GO ‘HAWKS!

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